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Advanture Industry Case Study Fun & Adventure Company App Mordenization Case Study

Travel and Holiday (Clubgetaway)

The client, a Travel and Holiday company, provides indoor and outdoor adventure vacationing resort. They have been welcoming travelers from all over the world since 1946. Over the course of years, they have learned what travelers love to do and eat on vacations and have created the perfect vacation for their global audiences.

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Private Charter Company (Ez Charters)

The Private Charter Company is a venture promoted by Air One Group. Air One was formed in 2007 and has since been involved in several diversified aviation activities including aircraft charters, aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), aviation academy, ground handling airport consultancy, construction and management.

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Aviation Industry Technology Solution Aviation Industry Case Study
Aviation Industry Digital Solution Aviation Industry Technology Services

Sky Aviation

Sky Aviation has fleets of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters that it puts to use in diverse ways. The planes provide agricultural aerial applications, photography, and survey work. The helicopters conduct heavy-lift and external load services, search and rescue, firefighting, and aerial survey. Founded more than four decades ago, Sky Aviation’s primary values are efficiency and safety.

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Skin Care Solution Provider Case Study Skin Solution Provider Digital Case Study

Martinni, Inc.

A market leader in professional-use spa masks, Martinni was founded in 2003 in the United States. Along with masks, the company develops and manufactures disposable spa supplies, spa furniture, beauty equipment, cosmetics, eyelash extension supplies, depilatory products, and spa apparel. Martinni’s goal is to deliver the ultimate spa experience through luxury beauty products.

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Sam Speron, MD, FACS

Sam Speron, MD, FACS, is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Niles, Illinois. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Dr. Speron’s philosophy is to provide understandable information, treat each patient as an individual, and deliver expert healthcare.

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Medical Services Technology Services Medical Services Digital Enablement Case Study
Mental Health Application Mordernization Case Study Mental Health Technology Solutions


Selected for the Pfizer Innovation Program through Galvanize, SISUROOT focuses on emotional awareness to improve people’s communication. The company’s mobile app reveals how emotions affect behavior and health. SISUROOT is aimed at bolstering mental wellness through machine learning (ML) analytics and other advanced technologies.

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Private Cosmetic Clinic (Facelift Surgery Chicago)

Imagine a plastic surgery office dedicated to the art of Minimal Incision Surgery. Private Cosmetic Clinic list Surgeon - Dr. combines 20 years of plastic surgery experience with his vision of the perfect program for patients.

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Medical Digital Case Study Medical Services Case Study
Interior Design Store Case Study Furniture Store Case Study

Home Interior Boutique Store (Design Mart)

The client, a Home Interior Boutique Store is a beautifully staged showroom featuring 15,000 square feet of premium fabrics, upholsteries, designer furniture, lighting, area rugs, stunning art pieces, and accessories. Our client represented more than 40 manufacturers of Designer-quality goods that address both moderate and high-end interior design solutions.

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Interior Design Services (Silver Petal)

Our client, an Interior Design Services provider began solely out of a passion for the love of decorating homes and the contentment to see loving smiles on a job well done. This company started as “House to Home” Interiors integrating the World’s oldest and most diverse cultures to bring out different styles of interior designing.

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Interior Design Industry Technology Case Study Interior Designer Company Case Study
Retail Industry Digital Case Study Portable Building Industry Digital Case Study

Home Storage Building Company (Georgia Yard Barns)

Home Storage Building Company is a renowned family-owned and operated portable storage building company based in central Georgia. They are known for producing their Home Storage Building Company products and also merchandising influential brands like Derksen Portable Buildings an Overholt Metal Sales.

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Restaurant Equipment Distributor (Fer Inc)

Our client is one of the biggest Restaurant Equipment Distributors in the USA. They are a direct factory representative for premier food-service equipment brands like Merco, Delfield, Garland, etc. and are a household name in the State of Florida. They are one of the few brands that deal in international foodservice equipment brands in the country.

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Food Equipmet Company Case Study Food Technology Industry Digital Case Study
Fire & Safety Company Case Study Fire & Safety Industry Case Study

Fire Equipment Distributor (Western Fire & Safety)

Our client, a Fire Equipment Distributor had been operating for over 17 years. In that time they had has accomplished several significant achievements which included benchmark sales, service and installation of fire safety equipment onboard over 300 vessels per year, ranging from personal yachts to fishing vessels, commercial vessels, container ships, service of Carbon Dioxide fire systems for various Washington Dams, supply and installation of pre-fabricated containerized CO2 Cargo Hold Systems onboard Container Ships, service of fire equipment to the entire City of Seattle and subsidiaries, and exports of Breathing Apparatus Equipment, Fireman’s Bunker Gear, and other safety equipment to such places as Trinidad, Thailand, Norway, and other foreign countries.

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# Energy Service Provide Case Study

Energy Generation (AG-Grid Energy)

The Energy Generation company is a start-up which converts agricultural and organic waste into renewable energy and compost which supports local areas with practices that will lead us towards a sustainable environment.

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Architectural Installations (Michigan Fireplace)

The Architectural Installations company is a family-owned company and established in 1976. They specialize in architectural installations for fireplace and building new, remodeling, repairing or refurbishing Barbeques. The retail showroom of the Architectural Installations company in Troy features contemporary to classic designs of over 50 fireplace doors, 20 burning fireplaces, vented and vent-free gas logs, wood mantels, and fireplace accessories.

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# Manufacturing Company Digital Case Study

Performance Car Restoration Garage (Muscle Car Experts)

Performance Car Restoration Garage specializes in adding power, speed, and performance to your Muscle or Classic car. They wanted us to revamp their brand image to reflect a more expressive tonality which reflected the performance-based cars they handle.

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# Car Restoration Company Digital Case Study
Logistic Industry Digital Case Study Advance Analytics Solutions

Shipping Services (3P Shipping)

The Shipping Services business services the needs of multiple national e-commerce businesses by providing on-time shipping services with unparalleled services all across the nation. With a presence in major cities across the U.S.A., they are one of the favorite choices of both Multinational Companies and Local Businesses.

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Home Services Store (Long Island Laundry )

The Home Services Store is a full service, quality laundry, and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery company. The challenges the client was facing were competition and low brand penetration.

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Laundry Services Digital Case Study Laundry Services Digital Case Study
Browning Logo Steel Processing Company Case Study

Browning Enterprise

Originally started by CEO Dan Browning as an individual operation, Browning Enterprise is now widely known for steel processing and fabrication. The firm has manufactured components for ships, bridges, embassies, skyscrapers, racetracks, and the Pentagon. Founded (as Metal Master) in 1989, Browning Enterprise is family-owned and -operated.

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Testing House

Electronics Testing is a global enterprise whose goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by designing and integrating well-engineered test solutions (ICT, FT, IOLT, DFT, ISP Programming and Boundary Scan) for the electronics community. They are an industry leader in developing and providing invaluable solutions in the Total Test Service Provider (TTSP) market.

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# Hightech Industry Technology Case Study
Manufacturing Industry Technology Case Study Manufacturing Industry Case Study

Star Foundry & Machine

Manufacturing a broad portfolio of castings and performing in-house machining, Star Foundry & Machine offers its customers superior quality and cost savings. In business for more than half a century, the firm is independent and family-owned. Located in Salt Lake City, Star Foundry & Machine saves time for its customers because it is a single-source foundry.

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Marathon Labels

Marathon Labels is a printing company that specializes in UL-compliant labels (i.e., ones meeting the standards of safety certification organization Underwriters Laboratories). This company’s capabilities simplify label engineering for manufacturers. Focused on customer service, technological investment, and product innovation, Marathon Labels is family-owned and -operated.

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B2B Industry Case Study Innovation Industry Technology Case Study

Online Fashion Store (Heels & Jeans)

Our client, the Online Fashion Store is a one-stop-shop for high-quality high fashion products. It is based out of one of the world's hottest fashion capital of Southern California and markets its products all over the United States.

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Clothing Store Case Study #
B2B Ecommerce Industry Digital Case Study B2B Ecommerce Industry Case Study

Online B2B Distributor (Omni Controls)

The Online B2B Distributor is one of a kind, as the client puts it "resource", for test and measurement equipment. They only work with world-class brands that industry professionals trust and have an emotional attachment to.

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Online Meal Delivery Platform (Muscle Up Meals)

Our client, an Online Meal delivery platform is a fitness meal manufacturer. They are known for delivering meals that are delicious and yet healthy. Online Meal delivery platform's meals are famous for helping people achieve their goals faster and easier.

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# Fitness Food Company Digital Case Study
# Cable Manufacturing Industry Digital Case Study

Online Electronics Distributor (Broadline)

Online Electronics Distributor, a wholesale distribution company of low voltage products and electronics which trades in over 10,000 products. It is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and has been locally owned and operated since 2005.

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Aviation Industry Digital Case Study Aviation Industry Case Study

Manufacturing Distributor (Powerjet Parts)

Our client, an aviation Manufacturing and stocking Distributor, is an engineering consulting company that provides sensors, switches and product development services for power generation and aerospace verticals.

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Online Author and Seller (Dawn Greenfield Ireland)

Our client an Online Author and Book Seller is an award-winning screenwriter and technical writer. They have spent the past 30 years writing professionally, and teaching screenwriting to beginners.

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Publication Company Digital Case Study Education Industry Case Study
# Construction Company Technology Case Study

Joseph McCormick Construction

Joseph McCormick Construction, a heavy highway construction firm, was founded in 1896 by Joseph McCormick. The family-owned business uses green roadway construction technologies, some of which are applicable to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) credits. Joseph McCormick Construction’s specialties include storm/sanitary sewer installation, excavation, demolition, asphalt paving, and site development.

JMC Logo View Case Study


Raydeo Enterprises develops, produces, installs, and warrants signage, millwork, railings, and awnings. The fully accredited and certified firm has performed installations nationwide, with a track record of more than three decades. Along with contributing to the Georgia Aquarium, Humane Society, Special Olympics, and other nonprofits, Raydeo donates materials to Habitat for Humanity.

Raydeo Logo
Awning Soution Provider Case Study Signage Company Digital Case Study
Field Management Solution Case Study Energy & Utility Industry Digital Case Study

Leading West Coast Utility Provider

Our client has been providing natural gas and electricity to its customers for many years. The provider currently serves 5.2 million households.

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Ag-Grid Energy

Ag-Grid supports environmentally sustainable methods in local communities. The company’s primary focus is converting organic and agricultural waste into compost and renewable energy. Ag-Grid is dedicated to financing, constructing, joint-owning, and operating waste-to-energy conversion centers across the United States.

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# Energy Service Provide Case Study
Solar Energy Industry Technology Services Solar Solution Provider Technology Case Study

Eco Solar

Eco Solar is a veteran-owned business provides swimming pool heating and filtration to customers, entirely powered by solar energy. The company's incredibly energy-efficient system only requires 1/3 the energy used by a microwave oven to heat and filter a typical pool.

Ecosolar Logo View Case Study

Your Energy Solutions

Your Energy Solutions has been providing solar energy installations for more than two decades. With three locations around the San Francisco Bay Area, YES’s 25-year workmanship warranty and production guarantee is 2.5 times better than the industry standard.

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Solar Energy Company Case Study #
Solar Energy Digital Services Case Study Solar Energy Digital Case Study


ecoSolv Technologies LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of biologically based technologies aimed at protecting the surface and boosting plant health. At just .016, the carbon footprint of ecoSolv’s blending facility is smaller than that of the average household.

Eco Solar

WRE - Water Resources Engineering

A San Francisco-based engineering consultancy, Water Resources Engineering exclusively handles projects related to water. The firm has had clients across the US and in several other countries. Integrity, design sustainability, workplace equity, and client responsiveness are WRE’s core principles.

WRE Logo
Water Resource Company Case Study Water Energy Industry IT Solution
Blockchain Industry Case Study Blockchain Digital Solutions

Blockchain Consultation (Proteum)

The Pro Blockchain Company works with CXOs across industries and stages of the company to chart a multi-disciplinary course for a smooth transition to Blockchain technology. They also provide their clients with the ability to invest in select startup opportunities that are creating new business models in traditional industries utilizing Blockchain technology.

Proteum Logo View Case Study

Data share Blockchain Company (Loyakk)

The Data Share Blockchain Company transforms how companies collaborate & share data with partners, distributors, channel and vendors across the world. They provide a blockchain enabled process they solve a multi-billion dollar problem for business around the world with a patent-pending platform that targets a very large addressable market.

Loyakk Logo View Case Study
Blockchain Industry Technology Case Study Hightech Industry Case Study

Training and Consultation (Seed Consultations)

A Training Technical Assistance Consulting Firm - Training and Consultation is a Professional Educational, and Personal Development Consulting Firm. The firm provides Training & Technical Assistance, Quality Management, Program Monitoring and Assessments for Public, Private, Faith based and Non-Profit Agencies, as well as Corporations.

Seed Consultation Logo
Training Industry Case Study Training Industry Digital Case Study
Finance Industry Case Study Profit Management Company Digital Solutions

Financial Services (Profit Management Solutions)

A Training Technical Assistance Consulting Firm - Financial Services was founded by a group of very gifted and accomplished business men and women who encompass some of the greatest talents available in the fields of business and technology. Our talented team employs a combination of experience and the latest expertise to help your business proficiently increase profits, control expenses and reduce waste.

Profit Management Solutions Inc Logo
Trading Industry Case Study Real Time Marketplace Technology Case Study

The Exchange

The Exchange enables anonymous buying and selling of international and domestic commodity-grade resin (CoPP, GPPS, HDPE, HIPS, HoPP, LDPE, and LLDPE) through a real-time marketplace. This company has access to most producers’ railcar offerings and 100+ million pounds of warehoused resin, through its relationships with brokers, traders, distributors, and manufacturers.

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iMetalX is an advanced engineering consultancy, with innovations that have been recognized as leading-edge by the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E) and Pfizer. The team comprises scientists and engineers with an average 20 years of experience. iMetalx, a woman-owned business, is dedicated to using advanced technologies to impact the world.

Imetalx Logo
Engineering Industry Case Study Technoloeconomics Industry Digital Case Study
Hightech Industry Technology Solutions Hightech Industry Digital Services

GPX Global Systems

Serving those who need colocation for mission-critical IT infrastructure, GPX Global Systems, Inc., provides Tier 4 data centers in emerging markets. The facilities are private, next-generation, carrier-neutral, secure, and reliable. GPX’s infrastructure is trusted by content delivery networks, cloud service providers, and Internet service providers.

GPX Logo

Ayvid Innovations

Ayvid Innovations is a platform that connects the venture capital and innovation climate of Silicon Valley to global startups. Through this digital environment, the investor networks, advisors, and resources of the United States’ central technology region become available to newly formed, idea-rich companies around the world.

Ayvid Innovation Logo
# Fitness Industry Case Study
Music Industry Technology Solutions Music Industry Technology Case Study

Music Entertainment Application (Music Swift)

Music Entertainment Application is the marketplace for booking bands, musicians, entertainers services for parties, productions, and events of all types and sizes. They provide tens of thousands of first-time performers and seasoned professionals for hire across the U.S. and Canada, an easy and secure way to create an extraordinary gathering.

Music Swift Logo View Case Study

International Entertainment (Kaur Films)

International Entertainment is a production house based in the San Francisco Bay Area.Our mission is to imagine, create and inspire diversity of thought. Our principle purpose is to produce international films that foster new thoughts and ideas that showcase stories of strength and resilience. We provide a platform for several artists from all creative fields to come together and collaborate. In doing so, we have championed various initiatives such as podcasts, short videos and documentary films.

Entertainment Industry Case Study Entertainment Industry Digital Solutions
Entertainment Industry Solution Case Study Entertainment Industry Technology Case Study

Bollywood Entertainment (Shilpi Dewan)

I am an innovative programming & content director with a 15-year record of producing and managing compelling content that becomes cult favorites for diverse demographics. I have reengineered and repositioned networks to become brand leaders. I have driven strategic network communications campaigns and earned multiple awards.

Shilpi Dewan- SD Logo
Higher Education Industry Digital Case Study Higher Education Technology Case Study

Mid-Atlantic University

The Mid-Atlantic University is a public university established in 1967. This renowned University is governed by the University Board of Trustees as a member of the University system. The Mid-Atlantic University has distinguished itself as the college of choice for students in the region and even nationally. It also accepts a wide range of international students and provides a cosmopolitan environment for the growth of young minds.

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HXR Drilling Services is a full-service drilling engineering consultancy focused on helping clients design and construct extended reach, horizontal and complex wells. The company is a proven specialist in deepwater drilling and extended reach drilling (ERD). It is also increasingly recognized for its software programs DEEPWATERPro® and ERDPro®.

HXR Logo View Case Study
Drilling Company Case Study Drilling Company Case Study
Innovative Technology Industry Case Study Equipment Provider Case Study

Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc.

With three offices in Alaska, Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc. (PESI) has been meeting the needs of oil companies and drilling contractors since 1983. The work of the company has including logistical support and sourcing of materials for Sprung, Halliburton, and other established market leaders.

Petroleum Logo View Case Study

SouthWestern Power Group

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, SouthWestern Power Group (SWPG) has been a major driver of emergent energy markets (including smart electrical grids, as well as renewable energy and storage). The company was launched in 2000 and is focused on the Desert Southwest region. SWPG independently develops transmission and generation assets at a large enough scale to meet the needs of utilities.

Southwestern Logo View Case Study
Renewal Energy Technology Case Study Utility Industry Case study
Environment Industry Technology Solutions Energy Industry Technology Case Study

ENSO Plastics

ENSO Plastics is the global leader in environmental plastic solutions, with its mission to end plastic pollution and make the world cleaner. With the background and knowledge to understand manufacturer's needs, they provide a complete spectrum of offerings: compostable, landfill biodegradable, marine degradable, renewable (bio-based), and customized solutions. Through this diverse portfolio, ENSO lowers carbon footprints while meeting today’s high-performance demands.

ENSO Plastics Logo View Case Study

Leading US Lender

Our client is a leading US-based full-service lender. It is one of the largest financial services organizations in the United States. A key focus of the company is the provision of auto and home loans to individuals. The firm is also one of the largest credit card issuers in the US.

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Banking Industry Case Study Banking Industry Case Study

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