Fire Equipment Distributor

Industry: Manufacturing & distribution

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The Client

Over three decades in business, Fire Equipment Distributor has grown into an international service and sales institution. The firm is approved to provide certified inspections for the United States Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping, Washington State Department of Health and Seattle Fire Department. Founded in 1987, Fire Equipment Distributor performs its work for overseas foreign services, municipalities, and the maritime industry, as well as walk-in customers.

The Challenge

After trying numerous other agencies, Fire Equipment Distributor charged us with handling their digital enablement. They needed us to centralize their accomplishments while enhancing a brand tonality driven by fire safety and protection.

Solutions Provided

  • A rebrand of the existing site to stress the strengths of on-hand fire safety gear and equipment.
  • Solution Design & Development services focused on the user flow of fire safety professionals and their interests in the best products for fire stations, container ships, commercial vessels, dams, and more.
  • A Customer Experience Transformation that deftly utilized Advanced Analytics.
  • A User Acquisition strategy that targeted the fire and safety industry.
  • A real-time site dashboard to monitor and analyze 20+ User Acquisition and Marketing Automation performance metrics.

Brand Impact

  • Rebranding the client's online presence helped us increase user engagement by 25%
  • Our new solution helped customers explore products online and increased in-store inquiries by 27%
  • Our geo-localized campaign user acquisition campaign increased new users by 37%
  • Our customer experience transformation efforts helped us increase customer engagement by 16%
  • Our marketing automation campaign helped us reduce clients marketing budget by 11%

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Brand Management
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