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Rise in Operational Interactions
Boost in QC Team Efficiency
Improvement in Urgent Maintenance Real-Time Reporting

The Client

For two decades, the Smart Electrical Grid Firm has been a bellwether in renewable storage and energy, smart power grids, and other innovative energy markets. The firm, located in Phoenix, is centered on the market of the Desert Southwest. The core specialty of the Smart Electrical Grid Firm is the independent development of large-scale, utility-ready assets for transmission and generation.

The Challenge

The Smart Electrical Grid Firm has developed five high-profile powerplants that generate evolving energy. The company asked us to assist them with their new Southwest Transmission Project, built to transport energy from Arizona and New Mexico to customers and markets across the Desert Southwest. The Transmission Project consists of two bidirectional extra-high-voltage electric transmission lines and substations. We were asked to develop an easy-to-use platform for this project that would achieve the following:

Digitize their documentation process

  • Minimize duplicate or lacking on-field reporting, in turn clarifying subsequent manual efforts by the quality control (QC) team
  • Generate reliable field data from engineers and technicians

The Smart Electrical Grid Firm also asked us to strategize a campaign that would generate interest from these key players:

  • Investor-owned utilities
  • Public utility commissions
  • Regional transmission authorities.

Solutions Provided

  • A cloud-based field management solution to connect over 250 Smart Electrical Grid Firm technicians, engineers, and managers.
  • Enablement of the QC team to examine real-time operational data and approve / decline technician's reports.
  • Capacity for engineers to generate demands for materials and logistical support from anywhere, in real-time.
  • A user acquisition strategy that used local, environmentally aware influencers to highlight Smart Electrical Grid Firm accomplishments.
  • An informative marketing automation plan that highlighted the benefits of the Transmission Project.

Brand Impact

  • Our field management solution helped increase technician /engineer /manager interactions by 82%.
  • Our solution assisted the QC team by allowing them to take simple actions in real-time, increasing efficiency by 69%.
  • Our cloud-based solution increased real-time reporting on urgent maintenance issues by 23%.
  • Our digitized system used cloud document storage to reduce the paper trail by 25%.
  • Our influencer-based user acquisition strategy increased interactions with investor-owned utilities by 32%.
  • Our marketing automation campaign engaged regional transmission authorities and increased interest by 18%.

Services Delivered

Marketing Automation
Field Service Management Solution
Field Service Management
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
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