The Plastics Solutions Firm

Industry: Renewables / plastic manufacturing

Increase in On-Field Interactions
Reduced Delivery Times
Improvement in Business Operations

The Client

The Plastics Solutions Firm manufactures environmentally friendly plastic products, intending to stop plastic pollution worldwide. The company introduces sustainable plastic products, with a focus on bottles. It is also centrally focused on providing educational resources on biodegradable plastic through collaboration with governments, consumers, and other manufacturers. The Plastics Solutions Firm's long-range mission is to use non-food sources to create green and renewable plastics.

The Challenge

Renew is The Plastics Solutions Firm flagship product. It is a versatile polymer that can replace up to 100% of traditional, petroleum-based polymers. Renew offers manufacturers a simple and effective solution to an enormous environmental challenge. One key predicament the Plastics Solutions Firm faced was the two different methods of using the product, making it difficult to track customer needs.

Renew is not the only product of concern of the environmentally friendly firm, though. Restore, the company’s new product, helps accelerate the natural biodegradation of plastics, rubbers, and other materials. This product is mainly used by city and state authorities.

The Plastics Solutions Firm asked us to develop a field solution that would assist them in delivery to manufacturers and authorities. Both of the products had to arrive at recipients’ addresses on-time and according to their applications.

Critical business challenges included the following:

  • Keeping track of customers’ product requirements
  • Generating real-time on-field delivery data
  • Replacing an error-prone paper-trail process
  • Optimizing reporting on product availability and logistics
  • Minimizing duplicate or contradictory on-field reporting.

Solutions Provided

  • An Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based field management solution that connected management with 25 delivery drivers and ten technicians
  • Integration of the organization’s legacy system into the new solution so that the management team could seamlessly understand customer requirements
  • Clear documentation of the distribution and in-stock availability of The Plastics Solutions Firm's products.
  • Enablement of delivery staff to generate customer demands on-site, from any platform, in real-time.

Brand Impact

  • Our field management solution helped increase interactions between delivery drivers and managers by 51%.
  • Our system encouraged check-ins and improved delivery reporting times by 72%.
  • The real-time delivery monitoring solution helped managers take action when needed and increased efficiency by 69%.
  • The digitized process used the cloud for document storage and reduced the paper trail by 43%.
  • The solution helped the Plastics Solutions Firm streamline operations, resulting in the expansion of business by 17%.

Services Delivered

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Field Service Management
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Cloud Transformation
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