Customer experience

Leverage our AI-powered insights modeler to gain actionable insights to empower and engage your customers, retain them, and improve their satisfaction levels.

By 2023, 25% of organizations
will amalgamate marketing,
sales and CX into a single function
– Gartner

Redefine your customer journey with real time data insights

Start your CX transformation with key insights on View360 impact modeller to identify metrics that need immediate attention. Integrated data insights from Sales, marketing and other customer functions help identify immediate strategic priorities to improve customer satisfaction and customer retention metrics.

Create immersive customer experience at every touchpoint

Create your own customized dashboard with real time data insights. Track and monitor key customer metrics like net promoter score, churn rate, retention rate, customer lifetime value etc to take immediate action when needed. Create and customize your own triggers and alerts to identify gaps and issues immediately.

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