Facebook Transportation Industry Case Study - A Global Shipping & Logistics Company
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The Client

A Global Shipping & Logistics Company has been providing comprehensive logistical services to its customers since 1983. They operate in 5 countries with 9 branch offices and use Railways, Sea freights, Airfreights, TAL Lines, Chartering, and License Shipping Agents to meet their customer's needs.

The Challenge

The client wanted us to procure new talent who could develop help them grow in their external locations. They also needed solutions to streamline their track their customer shipping processes and bring transparency to their workforce by digitizing their operations to

  • Improve workforce productivity.
  • Help HR to manage the workforce.
  • Speed up important tasks where needed.
  • Manage human errors.

Solutions Provided

  • An HRMS solution to provide a GPS track employee log in and log out timings.
  • A cloud-based ERP solution with GPS to track shipping containers and the percentage of the journey completed.
  • A new internal solution designed and developed to track containers and the manager in charge of the containers.
  • A secure hybrid cloud solution that helped executives store documents for customs and other government offices.
  • A talent procurement drive that scored external talent on their ability, availability, and experience.
  • An automated recruitment process that used tests that scored potential employees according to 70 indicators declared by the client's management.
  • An onboarding solution that used both physical and digital processes to quickly onboard the new staff.

Impact On Brand

  • Our secure scan and store process increased operational efficiency by 91%
  • Our new solution portal brought transparency and helped management track their shipping containers by 93%
  • Our application solution tracked the shipping and increased customer satisfaction by 87%.
  • Our ERP solution disclosed misplaced and miss-documented containers and helped speed them, increasing business acquisition by 71%
  • Our talent recruitment drive helped procure new talent for WGL in Russia, China, Kazakhistan, and Poland, opening by 82%.
  • Our online onboarding process helped new employees cut down on the language barrier and simplified the HR process by 99%

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