Facebook Case Study - Simplify Public Transport for the Midwestern Government
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Improved Business Intelligence
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Improved Cost Saving

The Client

The Midwestern Government is a Government of Midwestern State. It has developed a diverse economy by being the center of the U.S. automotive industry in the lower peninsula and providing its citizens with economic opportunities with an influx of tourists in the upper peninsula.

The Challenge

The state has a fleet of city-owned vehicles on the road, ranging from a fleet of public buses that serve the city residents, tourists, and manufacturing. Our client wanted us to help provide a solution that would simplify maintenance of their fleet, reduce risks from vehicle accidents, insurance claims, and residents' claims of the damaged property.

Solutions Provided

  • A flexible, cost-efficient claims and risk management system and claims for a self-insurance program
  • A GPS tracked business intelligence portal with reporting capabilities.
  • A solution that empowered managers with better control over information.

Brand Impact

  • The ability to monitor and identify claims trends improved the governments budgeting decisions by 87%
  • Our GPS tracking solution improved business intelligence by 95%
  • Our solution customized reports improved the quality of drivers by 77%
  • Our solution kept important claims-related functions in house and improved cost saving by 82%

Services Delivered

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