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The Client

A StartUp Connection Platform is a platform that connects avid innovators from around the world to Silicon Valley, the hub of the startup ecosystem, and venture capital. The platform sources the most promising global startups and provides them with Silicon Valley resources, advisors, and access to Investor networks.

The Challenge

The client needed a brand portal that emphasized the challenges start-ups face and how the StartUp Connection Platform can help new businesses. We were also tasked to incorporate the most notable companies working with the platform on the brand's digital solution and on social media channels.

Solutions Provided

  • A multichannel solution designed to show the StartUp Connection Platform capabilities.
  • A customer experience transformation by streamlining start-up services.
  • A user acquisition strategy targeting new business owners and potential start-ups.
  • A brand strategy that emphasized the unique nature of the StartUp Connection Platform.
  • An investor section to raise new capital for StartUp Connection Platform and its clients.

Brand Impact

  • Our brand portal solution showcased investors' opportunities and helped raise capital for 5 new startups within 4 months.
  • Our social media strategy and other listing increased the firm's brand awareness by 21%
  • Our targeted user acquisition efforts increase relevant new users by 19%
  • Our efforts decreased the firm's marketing spend by 55%
  • Our brand management strategy increased the number of new start-ups associated with the brand by 82%

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Brand Management

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