Online Electronics Distributor
Increase in Productivity in back-office tasks weekly
Solution developed and integrated
Accuracy with real-time inventory display


Online Electronics Distributor, a wholesale distribution company of low voltage products and electronics which trades in over 10,000 products. It is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and has been locally owned and operated since 2005.

Summary of The Brief

The client wanted an integrated solution with Inventory, Accounting, Dealer Registration 10 new features to be implemented on their property every 45 days. They also wanted a transformative process where their dealers could have their own custom view based on buying and usage patterns and past ordering history.

Solutions Provided

  • Developing a three-phase process – Development, Staging and LIVE with real-time client inputs for error-free roll out of the newest creative changes.
  • Developing backend access with WYSIWIG editor for IT administrators assistance.
  • An optimized solution designed and developed based on advanced analytics which continuously updates itself using real-time user behavior modifications.
  • A real-time site dashboard to monitor and analyze over 54 Solution Design and Development, and Digital Process Transformation Key Performance Metrics.

Services Offered

Solution Design and Development
Digital Process Transformation

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