The Emotional Awareness Application

Industry: Healthcare

HIPAA Compliant Technology
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The Client

Selected for the Pfizer Innovation Program through Galvanize, The Emotional Awareness Application focuses on emotional awareness to improve young people’s communication. The company’s mobile app reveals how emotions affect behavior and health. The Emotional Awareness Application is aimed at bolstering mental wellness through machine learning (ML) analytics and other advanced technologies.

The Challenge

The Emotional Awareness Application wanted to build a mobile app that would help teenagers and young adults communicate more effectively by deeply understanding their emotions. This solution would encourage users to get assistance when and where they needed it. The Emotional Awareness Application was also interested in a real-time environment so that its representatives would be able to respond to changing engagement metrics.

Solutions Provided

  • An application ideated and built based on the psychology of young adults.
  • A streamlined user flow for effective app usage and communication.
  • A strategy leveraging real-time metric feedback to optimize in-app usage.
  • An application that fulfilled the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
  • A real-time mobile app usage dashboard that analyzed over 20 important emotional behavior patterns.
Epikso emotional awareness Company Case Study

Brand Impact

  • Our work helped the app achieve selection in the Pfizer Innovation Program at Galvanize.
  • Our HIPAA-compliant app garnered national attention for the sentiment analytics firm.
  • Our completely secure interface and 15+ monthly developments increased adoption by 25%.
  • Propelled by our design and development process, the Emotional Awareness Application increased meaningful teenage interaction by 15% and is now recommended by counselors nationwide.
Epikso emotional awareness Company Case Study
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