API management

Simplify your API design, security, and scaling capabilities.

Connect across your organization with APIs that are intuitively designed, secure, and completely scalable.

The View360 Platform allows you to supports the entire lifecycle of APIs in a hybrid environment. With our intuitive system, you can configure your APIs and expose real-time integrations effortlessly. You can also quickly test and deploy APIs while enforcing contracts and policies with an API gateway.

But most importantly, View360 allows you to monitor the health of all your APIs with usage dashboards and engage API developers using the catalog and developer portal in real-time.

Increase your developer productivity by allowing them to create and publish an endpoint (e.g., FTP, applications, databases) as APIs rapidly on your premise or in the cloud.

Easily create composite application from mining aggregated data from multiple applications and data sources while abstracting you chosen integrations.

Deploy APIs consistently and securely while quickly restricting data access by roles on-premise, cloud, or EDGE.

Integrate third-party APIs and their legacy data to increase the productivity of your people and your organization.

Improve the visibility and control of your APIs and control the management and administrator issues of APIs and web services as they scale by centralizing lifecycle management.

Connect your business with an API strategy that is enterprise-wide.

  • Create - Configure your APIs through an intuitive web-based visual system.
  • Publish - Deploy all your APIs with all the security and authentication protocols you require.
  • Manage - Manage your APIs by monitoring traffic to and from them with a real-time dashboard.
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