Operational experience

Proactive IT optimization and management to improve your business results and by maximizing resources for organizational needs.

Stay agile and relevant in your game.

Adapt to seamless integration and rich process automation to connect back office, HR, and operations with sales, marketing, and customer-facing activities. Digitize your back office, record management, asset management, and operations to deliver a holistic organization-wide experience to your employees, vendors, and customers.

AI and ML optimization for your business needs.

Stop spending time acclimatizing yourself and your people to your newly acquired software. Let our platform adapt to you. Use our artificial intelligence and its machine learning capabilities to maximize your resources successfully.

Integrate AI, people, data, and your legacy or third-party system in a single system to get a complete view of your organizational capabilities and improve your results dramatically.

Build your new apps ten times faster while increasing collaboration between your people and the IT process. Advance the capability of innovation in your organization and boost your business processes

Put data at the heart of your organization by eliminating silos. Use the View360 platform's intuitive no-code interface to deploy the relevant data to solve complex challenges.

Enforce the best governance, DevOps, and security standards and scale at your need. View360 quickly adapts to your organizational, regulatory, compliance, and business needs.

Automate your organization infrastructure for a unified eco-system

View360 a vertically adaptable and horizontally fungible platform that can host a digital replica of an entire organization's operations, workflows, tools, and data to manage its Business Experience (BX) better.

Customizable project management applications that increase team collaborations.

An integrated, user-friendly interface solution that boosts productivity, efficiency, and accountability to meet your project deadlines every time.

Get complete business visibility with enterprise-wide automated business processes.

Make everyday processes easier by managing, optimizing, and improving workflows using our business process management's transparency.

Rich process automation ensures complete visibility into the entire case lifecycle.

Our dynamic Case Management system handles structured, unstructured, collaborative, and hybrid cases with seamless business process automation.

Easily maintain diverse types of records for effortless information management.

Establish policies and standards to manage records throughout their lifecycle and get notified when documents are ready for disposition.

Optimize your maintenance costs with real-time IoT-enabled asset health tracking.

Use the internet of things to monitor all your installed assets in real-time for predictive maintenance insights and red alerts.

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