Music Entertainment Application

Industry: Entertainment

of Event-Booking Goals Met for the First 30 Days
of Artist-Addition Goals Met for the First 30 Days
of Requirements Completed On-Time

The Client

The Music Entertainment Application is a software service that allows anyone to assess and book musical talent quickly and easily. The platform helps producers find songwriters for recording sessions, event organizers find pianists for anniversaries, and bandleaders find cellists for performances. When a person needs musicians for any reason, they can browse and hire those individuals through MusicSwift.

The Challenge

The Music Entertainment Application launch was imminent when we started our work. As their primary Digital Enablement partner, we implemented their unique idea by shaping digital processes, making solutions more feature-rich, and strategizing marketing options.

Solutions Provided

  • Procurement and consolidation of all data from their previous digital agencies.
  • Resetting of processes into a single development sprint to closure for consistent brand tonality and synergistic messaging.
  • A new online brand solution, freshly designed and developed in advance of the launch.
  • A custom platform crafted to meet customer expectations and spark marketplace expansion seamlessly.

Brand Impact

  • Our Customer Experience Transformation enabled the brand to meet 97% of its event-booking goals for the first 30 days.
  • Our Marketing Automation plan helped the brand meet 91% of its artist-addition goals for the first 30 days.
  • Our Brand Management strategy attracted entertainers and customers to join the marketplace by leveraging MusicSwift’s "Book Something Awesome!" slogan.
  • Our incentivized referral model encouraged artists and users to join the community.

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
Marketing Automation
Constomer Experience Transformation Services
Customer Experience Transformation
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