Wildfire mitigation

Bringing a dynamic AI solution to counter the risk of wildfires.

Use machine learning to take a proactive approach to positively affect outcomes by collecting data, creating patrols routes, evacuations protocols, and new and improved monitoring methods to combat the growing threat.

Accurate risk assessment & mapping

  • Integrate past scenarios of large fires in your area to identify high fire risk areas and carry out the analysis of future forest fire scenarios
  • Conduct a measurement of fire potential in terms of economic and environmental losses.
  • Add data like ownership parcels, structure locations, population data, and infrastructure to calculate the potential impact of a wildfire.

Intelligent process automation

  • Automate enhanced maintenance and repair efforts in high-risk zones and ensure it is conducted regularly.
  • Create workflows that help provide you insights into faulty and aging assets and their state of repair.
  • Use IoT-connected devices to periodically observe high-risk areas and deploying personnel to cut down fuel sources for the wildfires.
  • Use automated processes to detect fires at early stages and take preventative actions when the fire is still at a distance.

Wildfire response programs

  • Create a 24/7 communication strategy that alerts you and your people in the event of a wildfire through notification and alerts.
  • Increase the speed of deployment of firefighters by creating a streamlined, automated process to prevent wildfires from spreading.
  • Create a custom process that automatically analyzes the threat, defense actions taken to increase evacuation times of vulnerable assets.

Situational awareness

  • Connect your satellite data, personnel, sensor images, and weather monitoring devices to create a complete picture.
  • Use sensory images and our AI-based solution to analyze images faster and accurately for a real-time warning of emerging wildfires.
  • Create a command center apprised of a critical situation and constantly connected to take proactive actions to avert fire ignition and spread.
  • Minimize the chance of human error with 24/7 monitoring, and real-time fire alerts that you onsite and command center employees take action on.
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