Mid-Atlantic University
Increase in inquiries through Marketing Automation
Increase in Student Acquisition
Transformed User Experience and time spent on portal

The Client

The Mid-Atlantic University is a public university established in 1967. This renowned University is governed by the University Board of Trustees as a member of the University system. The Mid-Atlantic University has distinguished itself as the college of choice for students in the region and even nationally. It also accepts a wide range of international students and provides a cosmopolitan environment for the growth of young minds.

The Brief

The university wanted their web property to serve as the front door for prospective students who are considering college websites when making their decision on where to attend university. As a result, it is incumbent upon us to showcase it's colleges in a way that was both accurate and appealing.

Solutions Provided

  • Consolidated more than 6 domains under a single platform.
  • Designed customized student-focused, AI-based solutions to deliver tangible business results.
  • Used Advanced Analytics to analyze competitor's trends and propose the University Brand.
  • Raised Awareness about the University leveraging its awards, accolades, and student life.
  • Mapped user journey to understand the end-to-end experience users have.
  • Developed an all-purpose Learning Platform to support various Learning Models and render different types of Learning Content.

Impact On Brand

  • Our adverts that transformed the University brand image to an institution of higher learning.
  • Delivered custom experience to align the website with the university’s vision and goals.
  • Mapped user journey to understand the end-to-end experience users have.
  • Our AI solution led to Student inquiry to conversion ratio increased by 12%.
  • Transformed User Experience led to an increase in time spent on the web portal by 65%.

Services Offered

Solutions Design and Development
Customer Experience Transformation
User Acquisition Services
Brand Management

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