Education Industry Customer Experience Transformation- Mid-Atlantic University Case Study
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The Client

Along with winning the 2018 and 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards for best regional university from Montgomery Advertiser, Auburn University at Montgomery is ranked the 33rd regional public university in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Located in Montgomery, the school has become a top choice for students in Alabama since its founding in 1967. AUM offers 90+ graduate and undergraduate certifications and degree programs.

The Challenge

Auburn University at Montgomery wanted their web property to engage prospective students who were visiting websites to decide where to attend school. They needed to showcase the university in a way that was both accurate and highly appealing.

Solutions Provided

  • A single platform that consolidated six domains.
  • Customized, student-focused, AI-based solutions, built to yield tangible business results.
  • Advanced Analytics to evaluate competitors’ trends and better promote the Auburn University at Montgomery brand.
  • Leveraging of the university’s awards, accolades and student life to raised awareness.
  • Comprehensive mapping of the user journey to understand end-to-end experience.
  • An all-purpose learning platform that supported various educational models and enabled presentation of diverse instructional content types.

Brand Impact

  • Our AI services increased student inquiry-to-conversion ratio by 12%.
  • Our User Experience Transformation boosted time spent on the web portal by 65%.
  • Our advertising transformed the university’s brand image into a more reputable and acclaimed institution of higher learning.
  • Our customized custom solution aligned the university’s website with its vision and goals.
  • Our user journey mapping enhanced understanding of end-to-end experiences.

Services Delivered

Advanced Analytics
Cloud Transformation
Marketing Automation
Solution Design & Development

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