Facebook Digital Transformation for Leading Utility Provider in West Coast -Case Stufy
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Decline in Human Errors
Reduction in Maintenance Effort
Improvement in Reporting Time

The Client

Our client has been providing natural gas and electricity to its customers for many years. The provider currently serves 5.2 million households.

The Challenge

The company was struggling with its field management business workflow, which was error-prone because of its reliance on paper trails. The firm was becoming increasingly concerned with compliance, data security, and reliability related to field data and the associated approval workflow. Moreover, limited data intelligence made it challenging to get analytics to refine repair and maintenance jobs.

Solutions Provided

  • A Digital Process Transformation to digitize the paper-based business workflow to a cloud-based architecture.
  • An agile cloud service with automated data scaling.
  • A solution with an omnichannel experience across all field devices.
  • An automated workflow that utilized safety and compliance metrics to realize stronger scheduling and reporting.
  • An automated compliance commitment reminder, distributed before jobs were documented for closure.

Brand Impact

  • Our methods increased comprehensive on-field productivity by 17%.
  • Our solution monitored the real-time status of all assets and enabled immediate decision-making, minimalizing operational costs.
  • Our strategy facilitated live tracking and management of resources, boosting overall operational efficiency.
  • Our automated reporting platform proactively caught system errors and offered actionable tactics to mitigate any additional errors.

Services Delivered

Advanced Analytics
Cloud Transformation
Workforce Transformation

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