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Increase In Operational Data
Increased Manager Efficiency
Decreased Time Consumption with Automation

The Client

Our client is one of the biggest American technology companies that designs Hi-Tech components for professional media markets and media chip units that are preferred by the mobile computing and automotive markets all around the world.

The Challenge

As the client put it, their reporting system "simply doesn't work." The issue would usually arise when a user reported and asked to change/progress a project from one team to another. The project would disappear and then appear, sometimes a week later, without any resources. They also needed a solution that helped them adapt their systems to the evolving market requirements and bridged the important communication gap between business teams and IT teams.

Solutions Provided

  • Organizing and structuring existing data into the cloud.
  • Configuring the management requirements into a Portfolio to plan out a suitable JIRA plan.
  • Setting up an infrastructure to manage resources could be further filtered into time spent, goals achieved, burn-out charts, etc., on projects.
  • The ability for managers and team members to plan and track milestones
  • Our solution helped in easily assigning projects to new team members and roles to users by managers.
  • Using data visualization models to create project health reports models.

Brand Impact

  • Our end to end Jira Solution tracked a project from a business idea to development to decomposition for development teams and redeployment of resources, which increased operational data by 79%
  • Increased Manager efficiency with up-to-date information by 82%
  • Easy access to data increased business analysts productivity by 44%
  • Automating manual activities decrease time consumptions by 62%
  • Our data visualizations models improved business insights by 42%

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