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The Client

Technical Assistance Consulting Firm is a Professional Educational, and Personal Development Consulting Firm. The Firm provides Training & Technical Assistance, Quality Management, Program Monitoring, and Assessments for Public, Private, Faith-based, and Non-Profit Agencies and Corporations.

The Challenge

The client needed a simplified solution designed and developed to show the firm's speakers, training services, and workshops. We were also tasked with providing a solution to host training & technical assistance videos and their newly published book on the brand's portal.

Solutions Provided

  • A multichannel solution designed to show all the facets of the Technical Assistance Consulting Firm.
  • A streamlined customer experience that encouraged services and workshops browsing.
  • Listing of all the industries the Technical Assistance Consulting Firm has helped to encourage Cooperate bookings.
  • A social media presence to share training recording and ensure attendance.

Brand Impact

  • Our solutions helped the Technical Assistance Consulting Firm increase its consultations by 26%
  • The new brand portal increased time spent on the portal by 35%
  • We helped the firm increase new users visiting the web portal by 41%
  • Our social media initiatives helped the firm increase cooperate workshop booking by 12%
  • Our video hosting solution increased the brand's presence by 29%

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Brand Management

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