Leading Solar Installation Company

Industry: Energy

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Boost in Click-Through Rate in 2 Weeks

The Client

The Leading Solar Installation Company has been providing solar energy installations for more than two decades. With three locations around the San Francisco Bay Area, YES’s 25-year workmanship warranty and production guarantee are 2.5 times better than the industry standard of 10 years.

The Challenge

The Leading Solar Installation Company needed to bolster awareness of their services and increase brand penetration while reducing marketing costs. YES wanted to showcase a successful solar installation in an effective manner that would encourage more people to engage with their business.

Solutions Provided

  • A revamped site that integrated a full-featured User Acquisition platform.
  • A custom portal that enabled targeting based on customers’ usage patterns.
  • An advertising strategy that was synced with customers’ browsing behavior.
  • Marketing Automation and optimization methods to minimize cost while improving effectiveness.
  • A real-time dashboard for tracking 22 User Acquisition and Marketing Automation metrics.

Brand Impact

  • 72% Growth in user acquisition rates with the revamped digital presence.
  • 8% Increase in transactions using customers’ usage patterns.
  • 3% Boost in click-through rate in 2 weeks using the new advertising strategy.
  • 26% Decrease in marketing costs with the new marketing automation strategy.

Services Delivered

User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Marketing Automation Services
Marketing Automation
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