Retail & commerce

Collect, combine and use data from different sources like supply chains, retail ops, e-comm, IoT, and more to drive agility and innovation and improve customer experience.

Automated retail solution

We help retailers meet consumer's demands and provide better service with no-code software for the retail industry.

Retail analytics

Analyze the large amounts of sales data your business processes generate. Our automation platform can streamline processes that demand effort by employees with just a click.

Retail Analytics
Retail promotions

Promotions can be the most significant expense for your retail business requiring manual work and spreadsheets. Our business process automation platform simplifies collaboration to drive efficient retail promotions.

Retail Promotions
Product introductions

Introducing new products at any store requires close collaboration between multiple departments. View360 enables retailers to monitor client opinions and adjust prices quickly.

Product introductions
Retail store planning

Use behavior data to anticipate customer expectations by better segmenting store layouts according to consumer demographics and preferences to increase sales.

Retail store planning

Epik Solution provided us with a highly creative IT solution that helped us bring transparency to our processes, minimize the human errors caused in delivering our products and develop a novel customer engagement strategy while boosting our company revenue.

Director Of Operations
Online B2B Distributor

An easy to use document management
software for the retail industry

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, accuracy, and deliver faster cycles by automating retail document management for vendors, collections, sales, and much more.

Retail supply chain

Use our business process automation platform to enhance your procurement cycle time, speed, capacity, and efficiency, while increasing customer, supplier, and employee satisfaction levels.

Retail Supply Chain
Customer Service

Customer service

Create a customer-centric service strategy to directly impact the customer journey using View360 digital asset management solution by providing discount coupons when and where needed.

Workforce modernization

With a customizable Work Dashboard, CXO's can monitor the health of their business, department, or specific process & gradually support the frontline with tools that help them work smarter, sell more, and serve better. An amazing customer experience goes hand in hand with an engaged and empowered frontline workforce.

Workforce Modernization

Our success stories

Online b2b distributor

Online B2B Distributor is a unique resource for testing and measurement equipment. Holding two General Services Administration contracts, the firm has recently optimized its browsing and ordering processes to serve better governmental agencies that want to benefit from the GSA Schedule pricing.

Epikso B2B Distributor Case Study
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