An AI powered living, breathing engine for your ecosystem

Redefine your business priorities to identify your Return on Experience (ROX) impact across employee, customer, operational and leadership experiences and get started.

View360 platform

View360 is a vertically adaptable and horizontally fungible platform that can host a digital replica of an entire organizations’ operations, workflows, tools, and data to better manage its Business Experience (BX).

Build and configure intelligent AI powered applications to connect your people and processes.

Redefine your strategic priorities with the power of your data. Build and deploy enterprise AI applications and models to optimize and streamline your operations. Digitally map and connect your data, processes and people in an integrated, no code platform. Leverage your data to

1. AI adoption roadmap

We help you plan entire roadmap with AI and ML powered solutions towards your digital transformation journey

2. Fast deployment

Pre-defined vertical AI models for easy integration and deployment in a low code interface.

3. AI governance

We are AI governance and ethics compliant and a fully scalable solution.

Digitally maps an entire organization without changing existing functions or workflows.

Empower your digital transformation decisions with key data insights to identify and optimize your Return on Experience (ROX) metric. Build a unified scoreboard from all sources that influence customer experience to maximize your Return on Experience (ROX)

1. ROX AI models

Pre-built AI models to identify your business eperience metrics compared to industry benchmark. Connects to your eco-systerm as a non intrusive layer to give you key actionable insights to improve your Return on Experience (RX)

2. AI impact modeller

Enables our customers to identify their strategic priorities mapped to actionable/measurable KPIs Build an impact model that decodes which areas to focus on for immediate business impact .Infused with AI and deep learning the modeller leverages curated data from legacy systems to generate predictive data insights and identify gaps and areas of concern for any business problem.

3. View360 remediation

Platfrom suggests remediation options from a suite of solution offerings on View360 no code platform

Unification modeller

Integrate your existing IT assets as per your business flow. Integrate ANY living digital asset (IT, tech,or data) into View360 to empower and centralize all existing systems. A secure, non intrusive data aggregation from disparate data sources to create data models that are mapped to the core triggers predefined in the system.

No code platform

Build and customize your own workflows. No Code platform enables you to build your own apps and workflows to suit customer and employee needs. Teams can create, modify and customize their own workflows and forms with easy drag and drop interface. Enable advanced customizations for role based access, version control, approval loops and more.


Native integrations

Secure and easy API integration with your existing third party applications. Easy data pull from existing applications for a unified view of key business metrics across organization. Automated business workflows provide accurate, real time data insights to business owners for decision making.

Security and compliance

Cloud solutions need an extra level of security to protect sensitive and proprietor company data. View360 ensures robust security and compliance standards. Role-based security, IP flittering, Single-Sign ON, Intrusion detection (IDS/IPS), and data encryptions to secure company data from any risk.

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