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View360 delivers Return on Experiences (ROX)

Human capital management

Workforce modernization, project & field management

Front and back office management

Records management, paperless automation & rpa

Customer experience management

Omni Channel Management and User acquisition

Real time business insights management

Remediate business impact blockers

Automated business process
that enable growth

Return on Experience (ROX)

Easy ROX Triggers to identify executable gaps
and impact on employee, customer, leadership
and organization.

Crowdsourced intelligence

Real time data feeds for informed
decision making and complete view of
your business.

No code platform

Easy to build, customize and implement your
own workflows on view 360 no code platform.

Business process and workflow automation

Streamline your business processes with easy
workflow automations.

Native integrations

Easy API integrations with your existing third
party applications.

Real time insights and visualizations

Automated workflows for real time insights


No code platform

Build and customize your own workflows. No Code platform allows companies to build their own apps and workflows to suit customer and employee needs. Teams can create, modify and customize their own workflows and forms with easy drag and drop interface. Enable advanced customizations for role based access, version control, approval loops and more.

Native integrations

Secure and easy API integration with your existing third party applications. Easy data pull from existing applications for a unified view of key business metrics across organization. Automated business workflows provide accurate, real time data insights to business owners for decision making.

Business Process and Workflow Automation

Business process and workflow automation

Streamline your business's process, increase your organization's transparency, and automate work in all departments with intelligent workflow management that help you increase efficiency and measure success using easy to use tools.

Security & compliance

Cloud solutions need an extra level of security to protect sensitive and proprietor company data. View 360 ensures robust security and compliance standards. Role-based security, IP flittering, Single-Sign ON, Intrusion detection (IDS/IPS), and data encryptions to secure company data from any risk.

Edge computing enabled

Edge computing enabled

View 360 platform is edge computing ready for organizations needing edge- computing architecture.
Edge computing is evolving significantly for IoT and field service use cases for its ability to process data faster reducing latency. Edge computing also ensures increased data security and privacy. As the need for on-demand computing and real-time applications increase, edge computing in increasingly becoming a more economical and efficient option. Bandwidth cost can be significantly reduced when data is process at or near the source.

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