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The Client

As a total test service provider (TTSP) for the electronics industry, Engineered Test Solutions develops and delivers critical tests for a worldwide clientele. Offering ISP Programming and Boundary Scan, DFT, FT, ICT, and IOLT, the company designs, engineers, and integrates these evaluations. Engineered Test Solutions helps clients determine the best testing strategies and performs assessments with accuracy and consistency.

The Challenge

Engineered Test Solutions was struggling to create a brand tonality in its properties that was a true reflection of the firm’s national and international work. The existing digital presence was rudimentary and causing customer usability issues. Engineered Test Solutions also wanted to heighten its brand awareness in the manufacturing markets of Malaysia, South America, and China. We were charged with tackling these challenges and developing and designing a comprehensive User Acquisition strategy focused on key markets in the United States.

Solutions Provided

  • A customized solution that displayed the brand’s message in local languages.
  • A full Customer Experience Transformation, leveraging insights from browsing preferences and other User Analytics.
  • A User Acquisition Strategy that targeted key markets and professional demographics in the United States.
  • A Brand Awareness Campaign for the manufacturing markets of Malaysia, South America, and China.

Brand Impact

  • Our newly created brand presence communicated the brand’s messages in local languages increasing brand penetration by 100%.
  • Our user acquisition campaign targeted professionals in key markets, increasing new users by 28%.
  • Our customer experience transformation team identified exit funnels and corrected them, increasing customer engagement by 16%.
  • Our online advertising campaign in new markets increased the brand's awareness by 19%.

Services Delivered

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