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The Client

Bollywood Entertainment is a UX content strategist with a deep passion for humanizing technology, conveying complex ideas simply to the masses, and changing day-to-day lives. The client has extensively created content for major tech companies and tv networks such as Google, Apple, Newscorp (Disney), Sony Pictures, Zee TV as a UX writer and creative director for 20+ years.

The Challenge

The client needed a brand portal that creatively showed their capabilities, completed projects, and all relevant information to easily get in touch with Bollywood Entertainment and employ their skills for their technological products, mobile apps, television shows, and movies.

Solutions Provided

  • A multichannel solution designed to show all of Bollywood Entertainment's capabilities.
  • A creative way to showcase Bollywood Entertainments writings.
  • Onsite education and award sections to display the client's effectiveness.
  • A solution that embedded client's tv show videos on the website.
  • A simplified portfolio section with a downloadable resume.
  • A user acquisition strategy that targeted production houses and other creative outlets.

Brand Impact

  • Our brand portal helped Bollywood Entertainment increase their work by 52%
  • Our creative solutions increased the Bollywood Entertainment business by 65%
  • Our targeted user acquisition efforts increased relevant interest by 59%
  • Our Twitter and LinkedIn strategies helped Bollywood Entertainment procure 15 new clients in 3 months.
  • Our overall efforts increased brand awareness by 71%

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Brand Management
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