Architectural Installations
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The Architectural Installations company is a family-owned company and established in 1976. They specialize in architectural installations for fireplace and building new, remodeling, repairing or refurbishing Barbeques. The retail showroom of the Architectural Installations company in Troy features contemporary to classic designs of over 50 fireplace doors, 20 burning fireplaces, vented and vent-free gas logs, wood mantels, and fireplace accessories.

Summary of The Brief

We were tasked with increasing the Brand Awareness of Architecture Installation Company and to attract new and old customers to their retail store. We also had to help them with a Brand Management strategy focussed on Customer Experience Transformation.

Solutions Provided

  • Providing Customer Experience Transformation services with design elements to maximize the user experience for product viewing and evaluation.
  • A targeted User Acquisition campaign targeted in and around the showroom location.
  • Marketing Automation Services targeting new construction sites and older apartment complexes who were in process to order similar products in bulk.
  • Providing a review response system to help engage audiences.

Services Offered

Brand Management
Customer Experience Transformation
User Acquisition

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