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Industry: Construction & retail

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In-Store Footfall
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Improvement in Marketing Automation

The Client

The Architectural Installations company refurbishes, repairs, remodels fireplaces, and offers a broad range of high-quality barbeques. Founded in 1976 in Troy, Michigan, the customer-service-centered business is family-owned and -operated. The company's showroom keeps wood mantels, vent-free, vented gas logs, fireplace accessories alongside 20 burning fireplaces, and more than 50 fireplace doors on-display.

The Challenge

We were hired to amplify brand awareness of Architectural Installations, in addition to attracting new and old customers to their retail store. They also wanted to implement a Brand Management strategy driven by a Customer Experience Transformation.

Solutions Provided

  • A Customer Experience Transformation that leveraged design elements to maximize user experience during product viewing and evaluation.
  • A User Acquisition campaign directed toward the showroom location and its surroundings.
  • A Marketing Automation strategy targeting new construction sites and older apartment complexes that were in the process of ordering similar products in bulk.
  • A review response system to fuel audience engagement.

Brand Impact

  • 24% Growth in in-store footfall with the directed user acquisition campaign.
  • 38% Rise in user engagement with design elements to maximize customer experience.
  • 100% Improvement in inquiries with the marketing automation targeting new construction sites and older apartment complexes.
  • 29% Increase in customer engagement with the new review response system.
  • 41% Increase in sales with customer experience transformation.

Services Delivered

Constomer Experience Transformation Services
Customer Experience Transformation
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Marketing Automation Services
Marketing Automation
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