Dispatch miners, their equipment, and expensive tools with all the information and confidence you need by using View360 AI to create a trustworthy source of truth that streamlines your mining operations.

Your 4.0 digital transformation partner

Drive business agility and sustainability with View360. Leverage AI-infused solutions for field management, asset management and process automations to reduce operational cost and increase worker safety.

Industry 4.0 technology

  • Prescriptive analytics and machine learning
  • Smart connected assets and services
  • IIoT platforms
  • Industry best practices
  • Digital twin

Benefits of industry 4.0

Build an orchestrated ecosystem on View360s platform with intelligent automations and native integrations with your exsisting technology stack for real time data insights. Our no code platform helps you build and customize processes and workflows in an easy drag n drag interface.

Data suggests 50 percent of mining companies have already invested in IIoT integration and the rest are planning to invest in next few years. IIoT adoption is the new essential for all mining and industrial organization to gain prescriptive and preventive insights from data collected with IIoT enabled equuipments and assets. View360's AI and ML powered platform can use all the data to build data models and cognitive insights for key insights in decision making and process automation triggers.

Industrial industry considers workforce safety as their top most priority for many years now and constantly looking for connecting thewir workforce with latest industry best practices. There are several smart devices, sensors smart wearable gears for workers to monitor and track their activities real time to avert any possible accidents at worksite. Connected smart devices and smart wearables help monitor fatigue and cognitive impairement levels to for enhances worker safety along with operational improvement possibilities like smart scheduling route optimization with real time GPS tracking of workers.

Leverage View360 platform to build a digital twin of all your IIoT connected assets to get predictive and prescriptive maintenance insighrs to avoid unplanned downtime. Configure customized alerts for timely repair or replacement of assets to avoid equipment failure and production issues. Data collected from all the assets can make a huge data lake that can be utilized to build data models that can provide key insights to operators for automated processes triggers and timely action.

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Asset health monitoring

Connect your people, equipments and technology through IoT integration to enable operational excellence across organization. Gain from predictive asset health analytics to prevent equipment failure and unexpected downtime.

Seamless automations

Automate your business and production processes to get real time data insights for operational efficiency and immediate action on critical situations. Configure role based customized dashboards to keep track of key metrics and actinable insights.

Connected ecosystem

Bring the value of data to make key decisons. View360 platform can help break silos, enable easy data pull from your legacy systems for key data insights on an integrated no code platofrm. Create reports and data visuliazations with easy drag and drop interface.

Workforce safety

Track and monitor worker condition real time to measure worker fatigue and cognitive impairement levels. Install sensors on worker gear and worker safety app on their connected devices to moniter real time status to avert any potential accidents.

Operational excellence & digital transformation

This is our story of co-creating a solution with a Global Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)

As we know…

Any international shipping and logistics process has multiple challenges. Key among them is managing the significant amount of information that changes hands continuously during the process.

Often, the processes are decentralized and manual in nature. Further, global operations require dealing with different legal requirements and local variances. Hence, it's a complex task to consolidate and centralize the operations while maintaining the country-specific nuances. It also calls for a deep understanding of the shipping and logistics industry, underpinned with digital and automation capabilities, to standardize the operations and ensure on-time delivery, high accuracy and low costs.

The challenge for the global NVOCC was...

It had acquired several shipping and logistics companies across the globe including those in Italy, Brazil, France and the U.S. Each acquired company had its own technology, process methodology, and customer and country specific nuances. The client thus had diverse systems, processes and no uniform view of the entire operations. Decentralized, non-standardized and manual processes across 60 countries had led to high operations' cost, increased Turnaround Time (TAT) and errors.

The client required a solution that entailed consolidating and standardizing the operations, while maintaining the customer and country-specific nuances. A global operating model that included process excellence, digitization and automation had to be deployed to bring down costs and eliminate errors.

The outcome

97 %

Increased worker safety


Connected mining data and information flows


Improved profitability

21st century mining company

The client

Our client is a supplier of equipment and tools, services, and technical solutions for mining and mine construction industries in the United States. They specialize in providing their client's tools for processes such as rock drilling, rock cutting, crushing and screening, loading and hauling, tunneling, quarrying, breaking, and demolition

The challenge

The client wanted a modern infrastructure solution that would allow them to -

  • Safely operate in a mine over a kilometer underground.
  • To help the mine operators operate machines autonomously to keep workers out of danger.
  • Improve miner efficiency and reduce costs with an operations management solution.
Solutions provided
  • We created an automation software solution that helped our client's managerial staff quickly analyze and optimize their production capabilities.
  • Our autonomous mining solution tracked mining equipment in use and checked out by the miners.
  • We installed a low latency IoT network with access points to track the health of the client's mining equipment.
  • Our IoT solutions connected workers in mine and provided the staff with an up-to-date feed of their location, vitals, and progress.
  • Our AI-based solution made the mining process more efficient and increased the client's productivity by 7%.
  • Our IoT automation helped the staff control machines and equipment in the dangerous areas of the mine and improved profitability by 9%.
  • Our It solutions helped the client connect data and information flows and map resource measurement by 90%.
  • Our location and health tracking improved worker safety in the mine by 97%.
Energy safety and risk mitigation

Ensure safety measures to minimize business risk by increasing your safety policy effectiveness. Transform and digitize processes, controls, and assets and bring transparency to your workforce.


Earlier, our analysts had to create visualization routes and parse Epik Solution provided us with a highly creative IT solution that helped us bring transparency to our processes, minimize the human errors caused in delivering our products and develop a novel customer engagement strategy while boosting our company revenue.

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