A Capital City Government

Industry: Non profit

Improved Government Plan Implementations
Improved Government Program Efficiency
Increase Tourist Interests

The Client

A Capital City Government is the governmental body of a major city on the USA’s East Coast. It is home to a well-known university and design school. The city also has a notable museum that displays American art and silver works.

The Challenge

The client wanted us to raise awareness about the city to invite new businesses, settlers, and young travelers to their city. They also wanted us to streamline their paper-based government model to the cloud.

Solutions Provided

  • Digital process transformation to digitize the paper-based processes to a cloud-based architecture.
  • An agile and scalable cloud service with automated data scaling.
  • Predictive analytics to make future predictions for government capital improvement plan.
  • A city brand solution with an omnichannel experience across all devices.
  • A marketing plan that leveraged nearby University, Museum, and Waterpark to raise awareness about the city.
  • An experiential marketing program using digital marketing.

Brand Impact

  • Our cloud-based architecture improved government plan implementation by 98%.
  • Our advanced analytics improved government program efficiency by 92%
  • Our ad campaign resulted in an increase in business interest by 77%.
  • Our marketing automation campaign helped cut down the advertisement budget by 61%
  • Our omnichannel campaign helped increase tourist interests by 81%.
  • Our digital experience program increased user acquisitions by 58%

Services Delivered

Advanced Analytics
Cloud Transformation
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
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