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The Client

The Travel and Holiday company is a resort location that offers indoor and outdoor adventure. The company has welcomed vacationers from all over the world since 1946. Over more than seven decades of operation. Club Getaway has learned the most sought-after activities and culinary preferences of travelers. The organization’s vast experience has helped them craft and refine the perfect vacations for their global audiences.

The Challenge

Challenged by logistical management, the Travel and Holiday company needed a Digital Process Transformation Solution. Current manual processes were problematic, prone to human errors, and sometimes resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, the Travel and Holiday company wanted Brand Management assistance and (through our Solution Design & Development service) an interface to act as a single, unified point of entry.

Solutions Provided

  • A consolidated and customized solution based on Club Getaway's brand message, "We’ve perfected the art of getting away."
  • A single-login interface for businesses and families to review available activities.
  • A cloud software service with predictive modeling to automate and distribute schedules.
  • Brand Management services offering an environment in which the staff could directly engage with social audiences.
  • A complete Customer Experience Transformation solution that included Live Social Media interaction during camps and other adventures.


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