Travel And Holiday Company


Travel tourism

Decrease in time managing
requests and assigning team capacity
Increase in received and subsequent
execution of requests
Increase in team cooperation

The Client

The Travel And Holiday company is a premier adventure resort, located on a 300-acre, lake-side property in Kent, Connecticut. The Travel And Holiday company makes a dedicated effort to attract traveler’s interaction offline by creating unforgettable experiences of comfort and relaxation by creating a sense of exhilaration with adventures and blissful moments with friends, both old and new.

The Challenge

The Travel And Holiday company was facing logistics management issues in each camping trip. Every aspect of their camp bookings was manually cross co-related with each camping season, it was buggy, prone to human errors, and was resulting in customer satisfaction issues. We were tasked with -

  • Creating a consolidated online interface that can be a single entry point for all types of camps.
  • Implementing a social media engagement strategy.
  • Helping with online reputation management by interacting with thousands of camp participants during and after their trips.

Solutions Provided

  • A streamlined View360 solution that standardized and optimized the booking processes.
  • Predictive modeling for automating and distributing ideal schedules for each camp.
  • A single login interface with all the consolidated camping types for any business or family searching for camping activities.
  • A social media strategy that increased awareness and branding.
  • A reputation management center where the back office employees could interface with social audiences LIVE during camps and offline.
Increase Awareness and Branding

Brand Impact

  • 49% Decrease in camp scheduling errors.
  • 45% Increase in efficiency with a streamlined booking process.
  • 33% Decrease in workloads with automated distribution of camp schedules.
  • 50% Increase in branding and customer satisfaction.
  • 47% Increase in online booking inquiries.
  • 36% Increase in branding and customer satisfaction.
Branding and Customer Satisfaction