A better back office modernization solution

A cloud-based human capital management system that helps you relieve in-house stresses and deliver seamless, efficient services.

Reduce error and manual effort by
automating critical back-office functions.


Redefine your employee experience by increasing your user experience by cutting down complex, time-consuming activities.


Create an intuitive employee experience by integrating new and legacy apps that allow your employees to get all the knowledge they require to increase your effectiveness ​


Allow intelligent automation and machine learning to automate tedious, mundane tasks like processing invoices, receiving purchase orders, recording attendance, and much more.


Don't settle for pre-programmed tasks. Use View 360's no-code drag and drop feature to create new purpose-driven tasks that help you and your employees cut down on your manual effort.

Improved human capital management.

Automate key processes and reduce manual screening of potential candidates by up to 75%. Help your people make sure they are on-boarded correctly by using integrated data to help ensure they are placed in the correct positions. Manage your employee's skill gaps, training, and separation or succession plans while employed with you.

Faster financial management

Digitize your paper processes and connect your spreadsheets and disconnected data in a single platform to establish a single source of financial truth. Deliver more precise data efficiently and on time by automating separate manual tasks to keep track of expenses, financial plans, and growth opportunities while standardizing your financial processes.

Guard your operations with secure cloud computing.

Protect the sensitive data that governments and HR offices collect, accumulate, retain, and share. Reduce the risk and impact of a breach by providing your customers, partners, employees, suppliers, etc., with the modern security best practices that cloud computing provides to its users.

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