West Lafayette, Indiana University

Industry: Education

Increased Student Participation
Increased New Applications
Decreased Documentations Inefficiencies

The Client

Our client is a public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the university system's flagship campus. The university was founded in 1869 after a businessman donated land and money to establish a college of science, technology, and agriculture. Our client is known for topping other U.S. public universities in international student enrollments.

The Challenge

The client needed us to advance their ambitious agenda to place them amongst the world's greatest academic institutions by leveraging their online education, STEM leadership, world-changing research, and transformative education initiatives. They also needed new solutions for their distant and online education programs.

Solutions Provided

  • A new app-based Learning Management Solution that is easy to navigate and was specifically designed to help students learn.
  • A brand portal that showcased all the programs and their highlights and helped new students apply for educational programs easily.
  • A cloud solution that stored all the new student data, documents, and test results for easy access.
  • An Advanced Analytics based solution to report on student involvement, learning proficiency, development & leadership.
  • A marketing plan that raised awareness about the university's new online programs and their benefit.
Epikso University Case Study

Brand Impact

  • Our mobile LMS application increased student participation by 96%.
  • Our easy to navigate brand portal increase new applications by 89%
  • Our cloud solution decreased inefficiencies in documentations by 87%
  • Our advanced analytic based reporting tool provided an insight into student behavior and increase teaching proficiency by 71%
  • Our marketing campaign increased new national student enrollment by 91%
  • Our marketing automation plan targeted international young adults and increased international enrollments by 83%
Epikso University Case Study
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