International Entertainment

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Raised Within Six Months
Increase In Film Distribution
Increased New Visitors

The Client

International Entertainment is a production house based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its mission is to imagine, create, and inspire diversity of thought. It provides a platform for several artists from all creative fields to come together and collaborate.

The Challenge

The client needed a brand portal that creatively told International Entertainment's story and highlighted their newest projects and releases. We were also asked to provide International Entertainment an in portal method to raise capital through donations. We also took the task of providing a method to screen the movies and films through the cloud.

Solutions Provided

  • A multichannel solution designed to show International Entertainment's latest releases.
  • A simplified solution to raise awareness about in production projects.
  • An onsite solution to gather donations easily.
  • A video streaming solution with Vimeo.
  • A user acquisition strategy targeting social justice circles.
  • A brand strategy that emphasized the unique nature of International Entertainment

Brand Impact

  • Our brand portal helped International Entertainment increase its screenings by 39%
  • Our social media strategy increased International Entertainment brand awareness by 31%
  • Our targeted user acquisition efforts increased new visitors by 59%
  • Our donations panels raid over $150000 within six months
  • Our Vimeo based streaming solution increased distribution by 55%

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Brand Management
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