Drilling Services & Consultancy

Industry: Energy / drilling services

Rise in Operational Efficiency
Increase in Potential Customers
Reduction in Manual Processes

The Client

Based in Woodlands, Texas, the Drilling Services & Consultancy is the industry leader in extended reach drilling (ERD) and horizontal engineering design. The firm integrates pore pressure modeling, real-time wellbore stability (WBS), and advanced predrill into its rig site services and engineering design plans. The company is also known for its digital technology prowess, with its Drilling and Professional software.

The Challenge

The client provides their customers with complete oil well engineering and design services, tailored to their specific well trajectory goals and rock stress properties. Additionally, they offer geomechanics / geopressure modeling services. They needed a solution to improve processes and acquisition, giving us the following tasks:

  • Developing a tool to improve productivity by generating real-time (RT) data and reports.
  • Minimizing manual efforts by cutting down on documentation.
  • Reaching more of their target audience and professionals in their field.
  • Raising awareness about their wellbore stability and RT pore pressure prediction services, along with their geomechanics/pore pressure software.

Solutions Provided

  • A custom, cloud-based, cross-platform solution to improve their productivity
  • Transformed paper trails to real-time reports issued by technicians to management
  • Integration of existing legacy systems and reports
  • An analytical strategy to identify and reach the target audience
  • A marketing automation campaign based on geolocation, time zones, and interests.
Epikso Drilling Services & Consultancy Case Study

Brand Impact

  • Our field management solution bolstered operational efficiency by 46%.
  • Our cloud-based system reduced manual processes by 24%.
  • Our solution improved technician reporting by 55%.
  • Our analytics enabled us to examine data sources for the identification of potential customers, increasing the database by 63%.
  • Our marketing automation platform engaged new audiences, amplifying awareness of the brand’s prediction services, and pressure software by 29%.
Epikso Drilling Services & Consultancy Case Study
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