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Senior IT Recruiter

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Account Manager

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Business Financial Manager

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Business Development Manager

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Epikso’s is based out of San Francisco, CA and our offsite office is located in Gurugram, India. At both of our centres of our business we promote a culture that focuses on self-improvement and development. We deal with our clients with integrity and professionalism and, we deal with our team and employees with the same positivity and reward passion. We believe that this approach of ours helps us in building creativity and makes us a leader in our industry.

Open Door Policy

We at Epikso believe in our employees to take care of their tasks and responsibilities. Also, our management has faith in the choices that are being made to keep Epikso both steady and effective. We practice an Open door policy and encourage our employees to suggest/ express themselves to help us improvise and improve our existing practices.


At Epikso we believe that extraordinary ideas can originate from anyplace. Engineers to business managers, skilled professionals to millennials, Research and development specialists to Marketing professionals, Epikso works with people from different foundations, who are working closely with each other. In our synergistic work culture everyone works in close association, and reaps the rewards.

Client Driven Environment

We are a customer driven company, addressing our clientele’s needs, expectations and requirement is our utmost priority. We also believe in delivering quality services with excellent customer support.


To us, Integrity implies accomplishing something that we said we will do and doing it. Honesty is our most significant resource and guarantees that we stay faithful to our commitments and responsibilities, and with these characteristics defining our moves, we win our clients' trust and regard.