A Seafood Traceability NPO



Increased Collection Of Reliable Data
Increased Seafood Tracking
Increased Yearly Funding

The Client

A Seafood Traceability NPO is a public-private partnership between USAID, Packard, and Moore Foundations, and the Walton Family, and many sustainable seafood consultancy firms implement it. The Seafood Traceability NPO is a global community of governments, the seafood industry, and non-governmental organizations. These agencies work together to share ideas and collaborate on legal solutions to sustain seafood supply chains.

The Challenge

The client needed a cloud storage solution for their growing seafood catch data and documentation. The Seafood Traceability NPO also wanted a solution that identified what was caught, when it was caught, and by whom. This would help them verify each fishing effort’s legality and determine that the Seafood Traceability NPO needed to use their integrated data visually. This would help them provide scientists and fisheries management agencies with a clearer picture.

Solutions Provided

  • A mobile app-based solution to input what was caught, where, how, when, and by whom.
  • A cloud solution that stored all the global harvest data instantaneously.
  • An automated process that analyzed previous handwritten transcripts and converted them into an electronic form.
  • A visual solution that quickly parsed out information on work occurring worldwide.
  • A marketing solution that ran a global campaign to promote its platform increased Seafood Traceability NPO's adoptability.

Brand Impact

  • Our mobile app solution increased the collection of reliable data by 95%.
  • Our cloud solution provided remote scientists and management agencies data, which increased seafood tracking by 93%.
  • Our automated solution virtualized previous data and improved accounting and fisheries management by 72%
  • We created a seascape map that collated all the data and provided information on all the issues in harvesting the world's seas.
  • Our marketing campaign assisted in increasing yearly funding by 85%
  • Our marketing automation plan increased the Seafood Traceability NPO’s adoption rates by 83%

Services Delivered

Advance Analytics Services
Advanced Analytics
Cloud Transformation Services
Cloud Transformation
Marketing Automation Services
Marketing Automation
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