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Message from Our CEO

Ashish Kataria- Chief Executive Officer | Epik Solutions

My aim is to help every customer and Epik Solutions associate to achieve growth and success on their terms – whether that involves financial freedom, social empowerment or business process improvement. My goal is to lead on your behalf and create an environment in which every associate constantly strives for mutual success, working closely with our customers.

This philosophy has driven all of us at Epik Solutions to make it a climate of fairness. It has created a place where we give out perks and benefits freely, compensating our associates above the industry-benchmarked pay ratios and incentive models. We help them embrace and work on the latest technologies via AI, ML, Cloud, Analytics and Digital Enablement initiatives. Here, every associate is encouraged to create her/his own learning journey, while we bear training and certification costs to remove any financial pressures.

For our customers, we solve complex business problems for immediate impact, while simultaneously focusing on long-term vision. Every project is built with clear KPIs, using transparent TCO and ROI models. Cost savings and revenue growth are typically direct results of our efforts. We then work closely with our customers to refocus and reprioritize their IT, workforce, and marketing budgets, allowing them to focus on other pressing business- optimization and scale initiatives.

For me, the true meaning of Epik Solutions is a family, where every associate and customer is treated as a member of a large extended clan, embodying strong cultural values and integrity at all times. Epik is a collective of equals, associates and customers alike, with each contributing spirited commitment and healthy collaboration – for the common goal of impact- driven engagement.

Please keep me honest with your direct feedback, whether you are part of the Epik family or just looking to share your thoughts for our improvement. I promise that I will take action immediately, with nothing but an intent to serve you!

CEO Epik Solutions

Ashish Kataria
Chief Executive Officer

Life @ Epik Solutions

Social transformation leads to transformational solutions.

We're a diverse team of Designers, Developers, Software Engineers, Social Media Specialists, Advertisers, and Workforce Transformers, spread out across eight cities worldwide but integrated digitally. Our offices connect and work in conjunction with each other to provide different solutions and solve the most challenging problems. This makes each of our locations friendly and cosmopolitan.

With 250+ people, our admin and human resource managers respect the diversity of individuals, cultures, and belief systems. That is why we maintain a low-stress work environment that puts the emphasis on creative results and accelerates progress toward our goals.