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The Client

The Largest Healthcare Provider In The US is a body that has over 35 years of comprehensive healthcare information about millions of citizens. The organization has been transitioning over the years to improve the quality of clinical care through big data.

The Challenge

The client's health records and clinical databases are considered one of the most detailed, globally. Still, they were failing to take advantage of that information because it was fragmented and compartmentalized. The organization needed a solution that would quickly rectify the situation and make its data open and available to the appropriate parties.

Solutions Provided

  • Integrated all aggregated data into a single cloud-based repository
  • A third party API integration for subsidiaries and other parties to use structured data.
  • A solution platform to help agencies with healthcare innovations.
  • A workforce transformation solution that provided mobility to technicians to access and integrate future data from remote sites.

Brand Impact

  • Our single cloud-based repository provided access to medical data anytime and increased the efficiency of healthcare professionals by 92%
  • API integrations optimized the healthcare data network by 87%
  • Our streamlined solution platform increased the quality of patient care by 91%
  • Our mobility solutions increased new data integrations by 81%

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