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Increased efficiency with a faster analytics dashboard
Reduced manual processes and errors
Predictive analytics streamlined operations

The Client

Our client is a multinational investment bank and financial services holding company with total assets in the billions. They specialize in providing auto loans to both corporates and consumers all across the world.

The Challenge

The client wanted a deeper insight into delinquency rates, inventory, repossessions, contact center performance, and insurance. They wanted to build a platform that provided them with Portfolio Analytics, Operational Analytics, and Predictive Analytics to combat their challenges.

Solutions Provided

  • We transitioned the client's traditional warehouses to a cloud-based data warehouse.
  • We created a subset of a data warehouse oriented towards providing analytics.
  • We designed our data mart to provide fast responses to a large number of concurrent users.

Brand Impact

  • Faster and enhanced access to Analytics dashboards increased efficiency by 70%
  • The ability to view reports across devices improved business prospects by 55%
  • Comparison of performance across months and years reduced manual processes and errors by 22%
  • Predictive analytics provided insights into propensities to pay or default streamlined operations by 60%
  • Dashboard with the 'right-party contact' in case of default increased collection team performance by 40%

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