Facebook Hi-Tech Industry Case Study - A Leading Start-Up Firm a Business Consultancy Firm
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Increased Data Collection
Increased operational efficiency
Increased relevant business inquiries

The Client

The Leading Start-Up Firm is a business consultancy firm that provides legal, business, and marketing services to founders and entrepreneurs of startups, small businesses & on-going businesses so that they may overcome market barriers and achieve success in their industry.

The Challenge

The client wanted us to assist them by simplifying their document and data collection so that their team could review these collected documents remotely and at all hours of the day. They also wanted us to market their services to start-ups and small businesses with unique financial situations and business goals.

Solutions Provided

  • Our Cloud Computing Experts analyzed the client's work and provided remote scan and store capabilities for customer documentation.
  • We provided them hybrid cloud solutions to help them store the customer documents with greater security.
  • Our marketing team analyzed and recognized the client's target demographic and developed a marketing strategy that targeted young owners.
  • Our marketing automation team used a creative image-heavy approach to acquire new business for the client.

Brand Impact

  • Our secure scan and store process increased data collection by 92%
  • Our cloud transformations increase operational efficiency by 86%
  • Our cloud storage solution increased business outcomes by 62%
  • Our marketing strategy increased relevant business inquiries by 71%
  • Our marketing automation plan reduced the marketing budget by 85%

Make Your Business Transformation a Reality

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