Federal & gov

Connect projects and initiatives through automated workflows that keep you apprised of funding, increase citizen engagement, and scale operations.

View360 automation powers better programs with efficient services.

Deploy applications with mobile capabilities in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment.


Position AI and automation to handle mission-critical processes through the mobile application without coding.


Secure no-code applications and custom scalable processes to accelerate their modernization programs.


Increase rapid delivery of new services while quickly adapting to changing regulations by using automation.


A View360 approach for simplifying government.


Ensure a standardization that is compliant with all federal regulations by automating the grants management process.


Engage your citizens by making correspondence easy through desktop or mobile device, online, to encourage your citizenry.

Licensing and Permitting

Digitize legacy licensing and permitting systems by using intelligent automation to reduce long turnaround times.


Improve how contracting and program teams collaborate when defining, reviewing, and finalizing procurement requirements and acquisition strategies.

Awarding projects

Make contracting easy and increase collaboration between teams by automating defining, reviewing, and finalizing requirements.

Writing contracts

Reduce time spent on writing contracts while getting more control and compliance.

Federal cases

Get a central view of all available data for each case. Integrate it with existing federal systems for reporting and audit requirements.

Financial regulations

Our case management solution helps financial regulators implement case and correspondence management applications that address their specific requirements.

Regulatory submissions

Increase your submission quality by integrating data from multiple sources while eliminating manual processes and errors.

Background investigations

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel involved in an investigation by providing a unified view of all the investigations.

Organized onboarding

A quick-to-implement solution with a compliant application and processes to help your team efficiently onboard new employees and contractors.

Data management

Provide accurate real-time data to optimize asset utilization and reduce spending by gaining insights on all asset performances.

Faster field services

Standardize processes to manage field resources more effectively by modernizing your infrastructure and gaining insights into all deployment life cycles

Increase the effectiveness of your case management by standardizing processes using View360 to navigate challenging regulatory processes.

Regulatory submissions

Transform your agency to deal with complex regulatory processes and submission more effectively by using intelligent automation.

Dynamic case management

Construct a complete picture of a topic or a subject by breaking down silos and integrating all your data in one dashboard.

Fraud & waste investigations

Use View360 AI and case management processes to instantly investigate improper payments, internal inefficiencies, and system abuses.

Grants management

Quickly create a standardized approach compliant with government regulations to ensure a modern grants management process using automation applications.

Credential and onboarding

Make your onboarding process for clinicians, employees, contractors, and other staff more effective by using automation to process them.


Make multiple services available for your constituents to access using their desktops, mobile devices, and even offline.

SDEL (study design & execution lifecycle) apps

Increase efficiency and collaboration in the industry by providing enhanced studies conducted through automation and advanced reporting.

Tracking and management

Track and manage your products and effectively manage their safety by using the intelligent automation and workflow of View360.

Project management

Link your legacy system and 3rd party applications to provide a complete project management solution with transparency.

Requirements and strategies

Automate contracting and program team workflows and increase collaboration to create quality acquisition strategies with error-free procurement requirements.

Award management

Use artificial intelligence to track funding, spending, contract dates, and important deadlines and proactively manage your award process.

Writing contracts

Reduce time spent on writing contracts while getting more control and compliance.


Our success stories

A leading bank

Our client is the central bank of the United States of America. It is governed by a presidentially appointed board of governors...

A midwestern government

Our client is the State Government of Michigan. It has developed a diverse economy by being the center of the U.S. automotive industry...

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