Facebook Case Study Loyakk - Blockchain Industry User Acquisition Gain with 70%
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Growth in Subscription Whitelisting
Achievement of Pre-ICO Goals
Increase in Non-US User Acquisition

The Client

Loyakk’s platform meets enterprise requirements through extension of blockchain. The company’s patent-pending technology addresses a multi-billion-dollar business challenge: losses due to contract disputes, IP theft, and data leaks. Named to Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies” list in 2018 and 2019, Loyakk combines high-level technology experience with business leadership talent.

The Challenge

Loyakk wanted us to raise awareness of their company and their straight-forward yet revolutionary blockchain services. They also wanted to generate interest among investors from outside the US, through subscription to their data-share ICO token sale.

Solutions Provided

  • Advanced Analytics to identify target audience members and their investment patterns.
  • A User Acquisition strategy that leveraged organic, automated and engagement-driven social channel campaigns.
  • A Marketing Automation plan to nurture the audience throughout the pre-ICO and post-ICO sale.
  • A brand awareness campaign that spanned 25+ countries, targeting investment-interested subscribers.
  • An automated A/B testing solution that engaged audiences and evaluated options for ideal traffic.

Brand Impact

  • Our Brand Management teams used social media trends and groups to raise awareness by 73%.
  • Our solution created brand intrigue and increased Whitelist subscription by 33%.
  • Our strategies expanded non-US user interest by 70%.
  • Our plan hit 98% of Loyakk’s pre-ICO targets.
  • Our methods nurtured the audience and attracted further investment subscribers from 25+ countries.

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