Data share Blockchain Company
Increase White List Subscriptions
Pre-ICO goal achievement
Increase in User Acquisitions from non-US countries

The Client

The Data Share Blockchain Company transforms how companies collaborate & share data with partners, distributors, channel and vendors across the world. They provide a blockchain enabled process they solve a multi-billion dollar problem for business around the world with a patent-pending platform that targets a very large addressable market.

The Brief

The Data Share Blockchain Company wanted us to raise awareness of their Blockchain Company, their straight forward Blockchain Services, and get them investors from outside the US who were interested in subscribing to the Data Share ICO token sale.

Solutions Provided

  • Advanced Analytics to identify the target audience and investment patterns
  • A User Acquisition strategy that used Organic, Automated and engagement driven social channel campaigns.
  • Marketing Automation plan to nurture the audience throughout the Pre and Post ICO sale.
  • A Brand Awareness Campaign that spanned 25+ countries targeting investment interested subscribers.
  • Created an Automated A/B testing solution that tested for ideal traffic and engaged audiences.

Impact On Brand

  • Our Brand Management teams used social media trends and groups to raise awareness by 73%
  • Created brand intrigue and increased White-List Subscription by 33%
  • Increased Non-US user interest by 70%
  • Achieved the Data Share Blockchain Company target in Pre-ICO phase by 98%
  • Nurtured the audience and attracted further investment subscribers from over 25+ countries

Services Offered

Solutions Design and Development
User Acquisition Services
Marketing Automation
Brand Management

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