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The Client

Our client, an International Oil Company, is well known for its oilfields and oilfield services in the oil and gas sector worldwide. They operate in over 40 countries and are among the most visible oil major brands involved in everyone's everyday lives.

The Challenge

The client was worried about their driver and asset security and needed to track their trucks. To do that, they wanted to build a near real-time analytics system that tracked and reported on their trucks' locations. They also wanted more information about their driver behaviors, risky routes taken, alerts, etc., almost instantaneously, processing millions of signals every day.

Solutions Provided

  • We built a serverless stream analytics platform using big data technologies to capture real-time analytics.
  • Our solution integrated streaming data from 4 national IoT providers in near real-time, related to client's trucks' trips, like start time, stop time, speed, braking details, route traveled, etc.
  • Our stream analytics platform analyzed the captured data to provide insights and reports on a cloud-based dashboard with various metrics like harsh braking, speeding, long periods without stopping, compliance, etc.

Brand Impact

  • Real-time analytics and enhanced access to insights increased efficiency by 76%
  • Saved more than $500K in the first year of implementation.
  • Improved driver behaviors, avoiding accidents and other liabilities by 44%
  • More than 1000 global users access the analytics solution today.

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