Biological Technology Firm

Industry: Retail

Increased User Acquisition
Increased Brand Management
New Product Branding

The Client

The Biological Technology Firm was born out of a concern for the environment. It provides conservation strategies that also improve operational efficiency. The company makes products that have compiled several natural and advanced technologies that do a better job, in less time, with reduced cost.

The Challenge

The client sells its products through a network of distributors. However, to raise awareness of its new products like the equine wash, a new water delivery system, and the non-toxic general purpose cleaner, it needed a solution that would help the company brand their latest products and increase their sales.

Solutions Provided

  • Competitor research to understand the target audience and deliver ads based on their behavior patterns.
  • A unique user acquisition strategy based on real-time metrics.
  • A solution designed and developed to connect with the target audience.
  • Brand Management services that leveraged the company association with USDA.

Brand Impact

  • An omnichannel solution that listed and increased branding for their new products by 100%
  • The targeted marketing campaign increases sales by 12%
  • Marketing automation decreased marketing costs by 27%
  • Increased new user acquisitions by 15%
  • Increased time spent on the company portal by 31%

Services Delivered

Marketing Automation
Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Brand Management Services
Brand Management
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