About us

We are your transformation doorway to a connected business world

About Us

We at Epik Solutions believe in being a one-of-a-kind business impact experience management and digital transformation company providing simplified enterprise and account-based solutions to help our customers grow. We create transformational methods for our clients that solve their immediate and long-term needs.

For years we had looked for a business transformation company that could provide effective solutions by setting up the right strategies, to instantly start optimizing and complementing a business. Finding none, we came together and founded Epik Solutions. Ever since then we have been helping our clients connect with their customers, through insightful solutions developed from meticulous market research and Data Analysis.

Our mission / vision / values


To solve business transformational challenges today for immediate impact.

Epik Solutions VisionVision

Enable our customers and extended organization to simplify and grow to their maximum potential.

Value iconValues

Integrity at all times, customer-first for all engagements & employee satisfaction with every decision.


Ashish Kataria- CEO, Epik Solutions
Ashish Kataria


Theresa Guy Moran
Theresa Guy Moran

General Counsel & VP Compliance

Will Shime- Vice President - Federal Sales, Epik Solutions
Will Shime

Vice President - Federal Sales

Bob Marx
Bob Marx

Director - CX and User Acquisition

David Miller
David Miller

Director - Digital Enablement

Ravi Behl- Director of Operations, Epik Solutions
Ravi Behl

Director of Operations

Karan Gupta
Karan Gupta

Senior Vice President

Nitesh Monga- Digital Transformation Head, Epik Solutions
Nitesh Monga

Digital Transformation Head

Sheetal Singh- Enterprise Customer Success Lead, Epik Solutions
Sheetal Singh

Enterprise Customer Success Lead

Payal Yadav- Business Management Lead | Epik Solutions
Payal Yadav

Business Management Lead

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