Banking and finance

Manage risk, increase agility and deliver positive outcomes for your customers.

Streamlined banking and finance

Connect disconnected spreadsheets and reports, devices, and financial reporters to streamline the efforts of your experts and help them steer your business.

Predict the future.

View360 provides you with a consolidated BI tool by connecting diverse data and helps you manipulate it to visualize critical insights.

Connecting data

Help your financial experts understand your evolving business quicker, and help them predict your business's future. View360 platform can help connect data, expert advice, and critical insights so that you as a decision-maker can take positive actions through a single platform that is easy to use, with real-time data insights that are easy to share.

Make decision comfortably

Get in control of your data and make it work for you. View360 breaks down silos and puts meaningful metrics in the palm of your hand available on almost every device. Keep track of the latest development and receive notifications and timely alerts pre-programmed with automated financial reports.

  • Consolidate all your data and reports in a single robust platform.
  • Improve access to all your data for financial experts.
  • Scale at your convenience and increase efficiency on demand.
  • Increase your ROI with real-time insights.
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