Online B2B Distributor

Industry: Retail

Captured missing process gaps
Increased customers sessions
Increased company revenue

The Client

Online B2B Distributor is a unique resource for testing and measurement equipment. Holding two General Services Administration contracts, the firm has recently optimized its browsing and ordering processes to serve better governmental agencies that want to benefit from the GSA Schedule pricing. With a customer base mainly in the US but expanding globally, Online B2B Distributor focuses on speedy delivery and excellent service.

The Challenge

The B2B Distributor wanted to implement a solution that would help it -

  • Monitor inventory and make it easier to meet customers’ equipment needs faster.
  • Track the delivery of their products and meet delivery deadlines on time.
  • Optimize their processes to increase sales and reduce escalating company costs.
  • Quickly transition from spreadsheets and manual tasks to cut down on human errors.

Solutions Provided

  • A View360 solution with an emphasis on retail management.
  • An inbuilt suite of tools that assisted the client transition off Google Suite to more secure storage.
  • A simplified interface that assisted the managers to visualize their entire delivery workflow and simplified collaborations.
  • An in-depth look into retail data that helped the client enhance their supply chain.
  • An understanding of customer behavior to help the client increase sales by segmenting the digital store.
Epikso B2B Distributor Case Study

Brand Impact

  • Retail automation solution captured missing process gaps by 80%
  • Increased customers sessions on the brand portal by 50%
  • Increased company revenue at the most competitive time of the year by 23%
  • Enhanced the brand's supply chain and increased customer satisfaction levels by 31%
  • Improved bounce rates and increased returning customers by 25%
Epikso B2B Distributor Case Study
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