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The Client

Online B2B Distributor is a unique resource for testing and measurement equipment. Holding two General Services Administration contracts, the firm has recently optimized its browsing and ordering processes to serve better governmental agencies that want to benefit from the GSA Schedule pricing. With a customer base mainly in the US but expanding globally, Online B2B Distributor focuses on speedy delivery and excellent service.

The Challenge

The Online B2B Distributor wanted to make it easier to meet customers’ equipment needs through an online store. The company wanted to enable customers to browse through thousands of products in various ways, ensuring they could easily find what they needed. Omni Channels also wanted to build sales traction for recently launched products. We were called in to strategize and craft solutions to tackle these challenges.

Solutions Provided

  • A solution that could host 60,000+ products.
  • A shopping engine that would drive a Customer Experience Transformation.
  • A highly creative engagement strategy to identify and target potential customers.
  • A Marketing Automation plan that minimized cost while boosting effectiveness.
  • A real-time dashboard tracking 22 Marketing Automation metrics to bolster performance and facilitate remediation.

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Marketing Automation

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