Facebook Digital User Acquisition & Marketing Automaton Services for Laundry Industry- Case Study
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The Client

Family-owned and -operated, the Home Services Store is a full-service dry cleaner and laundry service. The firm offers professionally trained staff and allows customers to personalize their laundry orders. Long Island Laundry Company has been processing laundry with brand-name detergents for more than 18 years.

The Challenge

The Home Services Store wanted to build and manage their brand. One of their primary goals was to increase brand awareness while staying true to the store's brand tone and message.

Solutions Provided

  • User Acquisition services to identify opportunities and magnify reach in neighboring cities.
  • A Digital Enablement informed by close examination of the audience's online behavior.
  • A social engagement plan to enhance memorability with Long Island Laundry Company’s customers.
  • A Marketing Automation strategy based on an innovative email campaign designed to increase new orders.
  • A Customer Experience Transformation, continuously optimized by real-time user exit funnel analysis.
  • A real-time site dashboard to monitor and analyze 14 User Acquisition and Brand Management metrics.

Services Delivered

User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Brand Management
Marketing Automation

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