Browning Enterprise
Marketing Automation
Increase in
User Engagement
Business inquires

The Client

Originally started by CEO Dan Browning as an individual operation, Browning Enterprise is now widely known for steel processing and fabrication. The firm has manufactured components for ships, bridges, embassies, skyscrapers, racetracks, and the Pentagon. Founded (as Metal Master) in 1989, Browning Enterprise is family-owned and -operated.

The Brief

We were tasked with developing and designing a rebranded solution for the Steel Processing Company and also an automated marketing service with synergistic marketing and branding which was consistent in delivery.

Solutions Provided

  • Rebranding the existing site with strengths and highlights of their fabrication process.
  • Providing a knowledge database optimized for generating business.
  • An Intuitive Marketing Automation Solution that is based around Customer Engagement
  • Providing a Real-time dashboard to track over 15 Automation metrics for effective performance and remediation.

Impact On Brand

  • Our strategic User Acquisition Plan helped the awareness of the brand grow by 57%.
  • Our post across all Digital Channels helped raise audience engagement grow by 45%.
  • Our Marketing Automation plan reduced the marketing budget by 30%.
  • Our plan of strategic marketing increased relevant inquiries by 45%.
  • Our real-time dashboard analyzed over 25 Key Marketing Automation Indicators providing the brand with Improved Agility.

Services Offered

Solution Design and Development
Brand Management
Marketing Automation

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