Facebook Govt Industry Case Study - Major Middle Eastern Airline
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Improved off-seasonal profits
Improved operations with tickets sold vs. fights flown data
Increase in business prospects with improved reports

The Client

Our client is a middle eastern flag carrier that links over 150 international destinations by operating a fleet of over 200 aircraft across Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas, and Oceania regions.

The Challenge

The client wanted deeper insights on sales, routes flown, interline, and agents’ commissions and wanted us to build analytics solutions that would provide them with a solution that would help them streamline their business operations and increase their revenue.

Solutions Provided

  • We provided them with a scalable data warehouse solution using Big OLAP cubes.
  • We made a connected data solution by integrating data from (GDS) global distribution systems like Amadeus by connecting passenger revenue accounting system, their agent commission system data, and other flown data from airports.
  • To facilitate interline analytics, we incorporated rules based on agreements between airlines and industry standards and policies.
  • We built a solution with the ability to report on 130 pointers and a dashboard covering sales, flown, and interline analytics.

Brand Impact

  • Valuable insights on tickets sold vs. fights flown data improved business operations by 26%
  • Route profitability and interline analytics provided improved off-seasonal profits by 14%
  • Analytics into payments to agents and other airlines streamlined operations by 41%
  • Faster and enhanced access to Analytics dashboards increased efficiency by 32%
  • The ability to view reports across devices improved business prospects by 55%

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