Facebook Case Study Financial Services & Banking Industry - Large Credit Card Issuer
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The Client

Our client is one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States of America and one of the biggest financial services organizations in the United States.

The Challenge

The client was facing high delinquency rates and a very low collection for all delinquent accounts. On closer inspection, we found that all of their accounts were distributed randomly across different collection teams and collection teams were unable to handle the growing volumes of tasks provided to them

Solutions Provided

  • To cut down the number of tasks we used Hadoop to structure the unstructured data to bring it into a relevant format.
  • We used IBM Watson for a detailed analysis of past payment behavior of delinquent customers and to develop a model to predict the propensity of payment at different stages of collection.
  • Using Advanced Analytics we segmented the portfolio to develop a treatment strategy using the model score based on -
    • High Propensity of Payment: No collection calls for 30 days. Most of the customers pay on their own.
    • Med Propensity of Payment: Maximize collection efforts. Drive high payments
    • Low Propensity of Payment: Reduce losses. Enable Treatment solutions like settlement/ restructuring.

Brand Impact

  • Our segment portfolio strategy resulted in a 25% Increase in Customer Experience.
  • Our structured data led to a 30% Increase in data-driven decision-making for the collection teams.
  • Our solutions led to a 70% Increase in positive user interactions and user retention.
  • Our automated solution handled the data and provided tasks to collection teams that resulted in a 70% Increase in productivity in weekly sprints.

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