What does NAP stand for – Local Citations – SEO

Local Citation in SEO refers to the places where your company is mentioned on other websites or portals found on the Internet. Local citations play a vital role in improving the rank of your website in local search results.

When a user types in his search query, the results of the websites or URL’s that we see are based on multiple factors. In today’s age, one of the main criteria that decide search rankings is the number of citations of your business as well.

In simple terms, a

local citation

is an accurate and precise mention of your business’ Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) on a

local web directory

or website.

Any kind of information related to your business, be it the working hours of the business, size of the company, a business description, images, videos, business categories or any other information of your business on other websites also gets counted as citations. It means that to rank higher in search engines, your NAP needs to be featured.

One such tool known as

Scan my Business


Local SEO

, used by Epik Solutions, helps businesses to expand their online presence on relevant websites. The tool identifies the places that could be helpful to boost the ranking of your business across various search engines. Local listing Checker can be called as a full-fledged

business scanning software

that provides tips to build your business’s reputation, manage wrong locations, improve star ratings and fix bad data. With the help of this tool, businesses can measure their overall progress, check local citation and online reputation. This tool helps businesses to evaluate the accuracy of information on the sites where the business is currently listed.

Business scanning software

How do citations impact local SEO?

More number of citations of your business will rank you higher on search engines. However, apart from the volume of local citations, there are a number of other factors too that decide the ranking. You need to ensure that the source of citation is credible and accurate. Simply by listing your website over a hundred websites or directories with weak domain authority will be of no avail. To rank better, one must ensure that the


is uniform on your website and on these directories. If not, it will have a negative impact on your local SEO.

Websites like Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp etc. have good domain authority. Citations on these websites can help your customers to review you and improve the overall star rating of your business.

Another way to gain visibility for your business is by building citations through press releases or references in online publications. There are a few regional, national and well known international sites that allow guest blogs, press releases, news publications, images, and video submission etc. of your business.

Your ultimate goal is to make sure that both your present and potential consumers and search engines are able to retrieve accurate information about your business wherever it is published on the web. Tool like Scan My Business for Local SEO assists businesses to expand their reach and improve their chances of listing higher in search results by building local citations. This tool is easy to use and boosts the ranking of the website at the click of your mouse. All you have to do is to provide consistent and accurate details of your business.
Local Citations

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