How View360 is solving complex challenges for the energy and utilities sector?

The modern world banks on the ideal supply and support of energy, gas, water, and waste management daily. Every individual household and workplace is entirely dependent on these services, which give Energy & Utilities (E&U) Industry a unique position. That is one reason why the industry has always been at the forefront of technologies and its adoption. However, like every other global industry, the energy industry has to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations that vary from state to state or country to country.

Why is the Energy and Utility Industry adopting BPA?

Business process automation is being adopted rapidly by the industry because of its non-invasive properties with its ruled-based software Protocols and the AI that automates repetitive tasks and processes. The industry professionals believe that this automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can play a pivotal role in managing the imbalance between demand and supply and boosting efficiencies in all the value chain.

Moreover, the AI in fully functional BPA’s like View360 go beyond necessary calculations and will help transform the customer experience for the better by giving them constant service updates and come up with innovative business models and processes that will accelerate organizational growth. Industry researchers believe that successful adoption of these IT changes can help the E&U industry up to $813 billion and help managers automate tasks that will save 10 hours of the week per employee.

What is Business Process Automation
How View360’s automated technology is supporting the energy and utility sector?

Automating Power Generation
Energy companies that have adopted View360 are using its AI to compile data from sensors placed of turbines to calculate the number of revolutions, speed of power generations, and power waste automatically. Even renewable energy companies use these sensors on wind turbines and solar panels to develop a comprehensive understanding through predictive analysis of their processes to increase their efficiency and cut down costs.

Automating Meter Readings
Energy companies use humans to read the meter before billing customers for the consumption of energy. This process is flawed and prone to human error. These errors have resulted in utility suppliers in overcharging or undercharging consumers. These human errors often result in serious reputational falls for the companies affected. View360 allows energy companies to automate meter reading while reducing time, costs, and human errors. Moreover, if a mistake is found, the AI in View360 will automatically flag it and prompt managers to resolve the issue.

Automating Water Supply
View360 helps utility suppliers analyze large sets of data sets on weather, demand for water, pump performance, and electricity prices. This data compiled in a visual format allows industry experts to make crucial decisions like transforming their process towards developing a more cost-effective and efficient way to run pumps, detect water leakages and burst pipes within minutes through pressure sensors, and help customers solve serious challenges like discolored water withing days.

IOT Enabled Maintenance
Manually monitoring equipment is a slow and repetitive task for company employees. That is why it is prone to human error the most. View360 allows organizations to be proactive about equipment maintenance. It employs predictive and preventative maintenance tasks through a combination of IoT and AI. These simple tasks enable company employees to automate maintenance based on wear and tear of the equipment and generate service documents before any severe breakdown causes downtime.

Quick Disaster Management
When things go wrong in the energy industry, the consequences are often disastrous and cost the company both in reputation and funds. Organizations that have adopted View360 as a tool use its functionalities to automate tasks to provide immediate remediation. It allows managers and supervisors to create dynamic forms remotely to ensure that all critical information and corresponding data are captured quickly and concisely. Further, managers can make custom work orders to promptly solve the problems before they spiral into large scale challenges.

Automating Customer Onboarding
The modern customer is impatient and demands a customer experience that is prompt and easy. View360 allows energy and utility companies to build automated customer onboarding experiences that help them set up their accounts, manage their documents in one place, and communicate with the company effectively. The AI bots in View360 help organizations provide their new customers with self-service options and manage their accounts by providing valuable information.

Automated Complaint Management
View360 help is revolutionizing customer complaint management for the E&U Industry with its AI-powered chatbot. The chatbot application allows companies to resolve customer complaints by generating automated work orders for both on-field teams and billing departments while helping the organization develop more in-depth insights into customers’ needs. View360 even allows third-party integrations. That will enable companies to use their existing chatbots with its developed learnings to resolve customer issues promptly.

Automating Procurements
With the AI’s help in View360, energy and utility companies are getting ahead of the curve’s procurements. The AI helps their procurement teams by providing timely notification when contracts are due for renewal. This allows the entire procurements department to find new suppliers or renegotiate existing contracts on time.

Employee Management
HR teams across all industries are adopting BPA for employee management. However, in the E&U industry, these simple BPA systems do not perform as well as they would in a regular business. The energy companies have employees who are regularly working offshore and on-field. View360 allows energy generators and retailers to keep track of their employees through location-based functionalities and automate processes like on-time reporting, absence management, and leave requests.

Predictive Price Calculations
Manual order entries and price calculations have taken finance and accounting teams 70 to 100 hours a week to complete. View360 allows the finance teams to create custom protocols to automate repetitive tasks and provide exact calculation with just a few clicks. Automating these complex tasks is already delivering six to eight times the return on investments for early adopters.

Simplifying Energy Trading
The E & U industry leaders are using BPA to help them navigate them through compliance, regulatory, risk, and finance issues. View360, through its AI, further simplifies these tasks and consolidates all the company data on the trading floor. With these innovations, analysts are free to focus on higher-value tasks like interpreting and interrogating that data’s meaning rather than collecting data sets.

Simplifying Energy Trading

Traditional energy and utility business models are under pressure worldwide. View360, with its AI and IoT integrations, is helping global energy leaders and utility companies streamline their operations. This allows companies to in innovative solutions that will help them improve their overall productivity, save costs, and grow while keeping an eye on the challenges they will face in the future. Want to learn more about how View360 and its functions can help your organization? Get in touch with our solutions advisor by following this link or call us at +1-925-444-0466 today.

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